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Introducing Rislone® Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive™

New Rislone® Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive™ Reduces Engine Wear Up to 37 Percent
Rislone is first to use synthetic nanotechnology to protect engines better than oil alone
This is something you will be hearing A LOT about over the coming months.

Our new Rislone® Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive™ (P/N 4104) uses ground-breaking, patented synthetic nanotechnology to provide engines of all ages with significantly greater protection against friction and wear than oil alone. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing shows all engines treated with the new Nano Prime next-generation engine lubricant and oil treatment exhibited greatly reduced wear and friction. This reduction provides significantly increased engine performance and allows vehicles to run smoother, cleaner, cooler, quieter and more fuel-efficiently.

What Are Some Benefits of a Fuel Injector System?

If you’re old enough (and the author is dating himself here!), you probably remember a time before fuel injectors, when all the cars on the road had carburetors. If this is the case, you may not need to be told what fuel injector benefits are. People who started driving in the fuel injector era may not realize how good they have it. They get in their cars, turn the key, and it starts right up. All the time, every time.

That ain’t how it used to be.

That starting-right-up is something many people may take for granted, but not those who ever owned carburetor-based cars and who remember pumping the gas pedal to add fuel while they turned…

What Problems Do Cleaning Your Fuel Injectors and Fuel System Solve?

It goes without saying that your fuel system and fuel injectors are extremely important to your car’s overall functioning. Your car depends on its fuel injectors (and overall fuel system) to deliver fuel to your engine and optimize performance and efficiency. Since they’re so important, if you’re having problems with your car (especially rough starts, poor idle, sluggish performance or decreased MPG), you may be wondering if your fuel injectors are the problem. Here is what we typically hear about when we talk to customers about fuel system problems:

Power Loss: Power loss, as well as alternating high and low engine revving, can be a clear sign of fuel injector problems. This particular problem can be…

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