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What Is a Fuel Injector Anyway?

You probably know that your car cannot run without fuel injectors, perhaps the key component of its fuel delivery system, and you probably know that fuel injection systems were invented as a replacement for carburetors. But can you completely answer the question, “What is a fuel injector?” If you’re a little fuzzy on what a fuel injector actually is and what fuel injection does, here’s a little crash course.
How Fuel Injectors Work
A fuel injector is basically a pressure valve that makes sure the combustion chamber has just the right mix of oxygen and fuel by precisely controlling the amount of fuel that goes into each cylinder, with the help of the car’s onboard computer (this computer…

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What Is the Difference Between Summer and Winter Gas?

If you’re even aware (most are not, so if you are, good on you!) that there’s a distinction between summer and winter fuel, it may seem to you that the only real difference between summer and winter gas is the price. That is, summer fuel is generally more expensive than winter fuel. But this price increase isn’t just a reflection of how much people are driving. There are actually real differences between summer blends and winter blends of gas.

Let us explain.

The main difference between summer and winter gas is that winter gas has a high Reid Vapor Pressure, or RVP. Gas with a higher RVP evaporates more quickly at a given temperature. This works out fine…

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