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Rislone and PowerNation TV Give Away Custom RS700 Mustang

Sweepstakes winner drives off with souped-up, one-of-a-kind sports car 
One lucky person is starting off the new year with a bang – well, an engine rev and supercharger whine, to be more precise. Marlene D’Silva was selected from more than 416,000 entries as the winner of the Rislone® RS700 Mustang Sweepstakes, driving off in a custom Mustang supercar designed and built by Rislone and the PowerNation TV “Engine Power” team on the air last season. Check out an overview of the Mustang build below.

The sweepstakes ran from June to December 2017 and, along with the sweet ponycar, emphasized Rislone’s new Nano Prime™ Engine & Oil Additive (P/N 4104), available at auto parts retailers across North America. Rislone’s suite of engine, fuel and transmission products are…

Engine Mods That Actually Work

If you’re going to the trouble and expense of modding your car, you want your mods to actually deliver real-world gains. Adding significant performance to your vehicle can be a challenge (in terms of time and money), so it takes some careful research and planning. When all the work is done and you take your vehicle out to experience the performance improvements the first time, it’s all worth it, though.

We’ve put together this list of engine and vehicle mods that have been proven to work and make your car a lot more fun to drive. This is based on our own experience, and what our customers talk to us about on our tech lines and at annual auto shows like SEMA and the Woodward…

How Much Horsepower Is Enough?

Your first response should be, there’s no such thing!

OK, this is kind of a trick question. The answer depends on the kind of driving you do, what you expect out of your car, and how much reliability you want. People who race their car and enjoy spirited driving can never get enough horsepower, while many daily drivers are content with the power they already have. The further you go up the horsepower ladder, the less reliable – and probably less drivable – your car will become. That’s because it’ll become less a general-purpose transportation machine, and more something purpose-built for performance. But that’s another story.

Regardless, here at Rislone, we know every customer has unique power and performance goals. But if you want to realize…

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