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How to Use an Injector Cleaner for a Vehicle

Few automotive fixes are as easy as using fuel injector cleaner! In most cases, all it takes is one bottle of Rislone Fuel System Treatment to remove buildup and deposits from your injectors and get them running right.

You will notice an improvement in performance, power, fuel economy and emissions right away and can help avoid further buildup and fuel injector problems by using a bottle every 3,000-5,000 miles. It really is that easy to clean your fuel injectors.

Let Rislone Do the Work

While there are ways to remove, inspect and disassemble your fuel injectors, it’s not a job you want to tackle if you don’t have an experience. Modern fuel injectors are complex and expensive,…

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Is It Dangerous to Drive With a Faulty Fuel Injector?

While fuel injector problems usually give warning, driving your vehicle for a long time with a clogged or faulty fuel injector can cause problems. At Rislone, we always advise customers to closely monitor how their engine is performing as a guide to determine if something might be wrong with their fuel system. Things such as:

Decreased engine performance and power
Increased fuel consumption
A noticeable increase in tailpipe smoke and emissions
Rough idle and hesitation during acceleration

These are all potential signs that your fuel injectors are faulty or need cleaning. Before you take your vehicle to a mechanic for injector cleaning or replacement, always try a bottle of Rislone Fuel System Treatment. In most cases, that’s all it takes…

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