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What Determines the Life Expectancy of My Car?

Keeping your car running for years involves more than frequent oil changes and tire rotations. What determines the life expectancy of a car boils down to a variety of factors. Some factors you can control and others you, unfortunately, can’t. At Rislone, we want to help you keep your vehicle safely on the road for as long as possible.

Along with offering world-renowned engine, transmission and fuel system additives, we’ve created this informative guide that discusses how long your vehicle may last, how to make a vehicle last longer and how to know when it is time for you to upgrade to a new car.
Average Car Life Expectancy
How long do cars last? This is a question nearly every person wonders when purchasing a vehicle. As…

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What Is Blow-By & How to Prevent It From Harming Your Engine

Of all the problems you can have with your car’s engine, one that is the least understood is probably blow-by. You may have never heard of what is sometimes called oil blow-by or engine blow-by, but if you get too much of it in your car, you’ll know something is wrong. That’s why it’s important for you to learn what blow-by is and how to stop it in an engine.
What Is Engine Blow-By?
To understand blow-by, you need to understand how car engines work. Standard cars use internal combustion, a mixture of air and fuel gets sparked and essentially explodes with the power to move crankshafts and pistons. Naturally, this process can have some unintended by-products.

Specifically, the force of the combustion can push…

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