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How to Protect Your Engine From Friction

Friction isn’t something we think about too often, but it is one of the more powerful physical forces out there. Friction helped carve the Grand Canyon, and it can wreak havoc on your engine if you don’t keep it in check. Not only does it contribute to erosion and wear,  but it also creates heat, which can definitely hurt your engine, especially over time. You can reduce engine wear and improve performance by protecting your engine from friction.
Effects of Heat and Friction on Your Engine
Remember that every car engine is made up of moving parts. Motor oil keeps these parts from generating too much heat and wearing down the engine. If you don’t reduce engine wear, it loses fuel efficiency and struggles with performance as…

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How Nanotechnology Benefits Cars

Nanotechnology is something that’s gained a lot of attention in recent years. It applies technologies on a molecular or atomic level, within one billionth of a meter. For reference, a piece of paper is only about 100,000 nanometers.

Usually, nanotechnology refers to a material or substance that has been engineered to work better for a specific purpose. These are used in everything from clothing fabrics and toothpaste to today’s subject — motor oil.

In the early days, nanotechnology was a marketing buzzword without much science behind it. Today, however, the practical science has caught up to marketing promises, which has led to some powerful innovation.
What Is Nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology covers many branches of science and industry. Everything from electronics to cleaners and sunscreen can make use of these…

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How to Prevent Motor Oil Sludge

Obviously, motor oil is a blessing for engines. It keeps them lubricated and reduces friction on all the moving parts. But when it turns to sludge, it can wreak havoc on them instead.

When it appears, sludge causes your motor oil to do the opposite of what it’s meant for. Instead of lubricating the parts, they now rub together with added friction and resistance, raising the temperature and creating even more sludge. To avoid costly repairs or killing your engine outright, it’s vital that you know what causes oil sludge and how to prevent engine sludge from forming. We’ve dealt with customers whose engines have had major sludge problems, and it’s not pretty to say the least.
What Causes Engine Oil Sludge in Cars?
So what causes…

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How to Maintain Your Engine

Nothing would be more satisfying than having your car run forever with no leaks or breakdowns and an endless supply of fuel.

Would be nice, right?

But we all know engines require regular maintenance if you want to keep them in prime running condition. When you adhere to a smart maintenance schedule and refer to your owner’s manual (because every car is different), you can rely on your vehicle to get to any destination, whether you’re heading to work or taking a quick trip.

Rislone engineers design our performance chemicals to help improve the efficiency of your vehicle. We’ve been doing this since 1921. You can only place as much reliance on your car as what you put into…

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Expert Overview: What Causes Engine Compression Loss Anyway?

Most of the time, engine maintenance doesn’t require you to take your vehicle to the shop for an expensive repair. And doing it yourself can much more rewarding anyway. If you’re like us at Rislone, you want your engine to perform at its peak levels, whether your car is a hard-working truck, performance car, or average family sedan.

Your engine keeps your life moving, and you expect it to remain reliable and efficient. But when problems start to occur, the best thing you can do is educate yourself before taking it to a dealership or mechanic.

Engine compression loss can be the result of many faulty components, so we’re going to give you a rundown to show you each possible…

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