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Remembering the Buick Regal Grand National

I used to have a thing for the Buick Regal Grand National. If you know anything about this car, it’s like saying one had a thing for a puffy toaster on wheels that looked like grandma got crazy with some black spray paint and chrome trim. Normal people are drawn to Corvettes and Porsches and vacations in Hawaii; me, I was drawn to a living room on wheels.

More specificially, I was drawn to the engine of this beast, a 3.8L SFI V6, turbocharged and intercooled to a ridiculous degree for the late 1980s. If you remember this car, you remember it was GM’s dirty little secret, because it could beat the top-dog Corvette in a stoplight showdown. GM didn’t know what to make of that — a ginormous, bloated coupe in a sedan’s body whipping its flagship sports car 0-60 — but facts were facts. Car and Driver magazine got a 4.9 second 0-60 run out of the Grand National in 35-ish degree temperatures, which, nevermind the ambient temperature, was FAST.

I and a few other friends were the only ones who seemed to be afflicted with a lust for this car. We’d be in a parking lot, see one of these hulking ebony monsters, and literally forget what we were doing full-stop and just gawk. Onlookers thought we were nuts. I’m sure they thought we were seeing something invisible. Invisible and beautiful. But certainly we were not stupid teenagers staring at a black family car comprised only of right angles.

Us: Ohmigod! Look! A Grand National!

Onlooker: What are you guys staring at?

Us: That. A GN. Right there. Wow, huh?

Onlooker: I don’t get it.

Us: That Buick RIGHT THERE! The black one! Did you know that thing has the baddest engine around?

Onlooker: You’re teenagers. Staring at a Buick?

Us: Dude, totally.

Onlooker: I’m calling the cops, weirdos.

Back then, only hardcore car nerds grokked the GN. Everyone else thought it was just another ugly, boxy American mistake. I remember that car more than any other car during my youth, those magic years when you can remember the boost pressure of a Garrett turbo more easily than family birthdays.

Today, Grand Nationals are indeed collector cars. Here in Michigan, summers mean every-weekend car shows in which classic muscle cars come out of the woodwork to sit in the sun while their owners mingle and talk about cam lifter rates and how awesome blueprinted engines are. And you know what I’m seeing there in increasing numbers? Grand Nationals, and their steroid-fed brothers, Grand National X’s. (Dubbed the GNX, this car was the GN with even more power, but still ugly by normal-person standards. We, of course, were even more bananas for this car than the GN. Go figure.)

With Spring in the air, I get thinking about cars, and I always flash back to the GN. Character flaw? Probably. But to me, that car will always be worth remembering.

“Bob Negativity” Says, “This Is Simply the Best Fuel Additive I Have Ever Used!”

4700-website-PNGBob G. from Rogers, AR just sent us this testimonial. It’s important to note that Bob calls himself “Mr. Negativity” because he’s a self-proclaimed cynic, and he’s also a Six Sigma Black Belt. In other words, Bob is one of the toughest, smartest and most skeptical customers around.

Here’s what he says about our Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment (p/n 4700):

My friends and co-workers look to me when they need a logical straight forward position as to why urban myths in life and the work place are not true. I am a sceptic and often refered to as “Bob Negativity.” I believe in fact(s), not opinion and am a Six Sigma Black Belt. Enough said about proving what a cynic I am.

I have tried many types of fuel system cleaners, probably every one at least once. After I refill the tank, the improvement is gone along with the octane bounce in the additive. I had not seen your Rislone 2 part Fuel System Treatment (4700) until 2 weeks ago. I thought at least I would get an octane bump and this would be the last treatment attempt before I purchased new injectors for my 2004 Excursion 5.4L Gas engine. It just ran rough, idled poorly. (Forget gas milage, it’s an Excursion.) I had 1/2 a tank of gas (22 galons) and I poured in one bottle and within 10 min. of driving the engine with 170K miles of powering my overweight beast suddenly ran smooth.

Again, allow me to re-introduce myself: Bob Negativity.

Two tanks of gas later (sadly 10 days), the engine is still running smooth, and idle is like new. THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST FUEL SYSTEM ADDITIVE I HAVE EVER USED! I will be treating my 86 300E, 99 Taurus Duratec, 93 Mustang Conv., 04 Pacifica next week. I believe quality is not an accident — it only occurs with care, attention and proven controls in place. I am now going to buy 4 bottles of your 4401 “Zinc oil treatment”. This time with the trust of knowing you are a quality company. Based on the preformance and price of the product may I add lean.

Sincerely, Bob “Negativity”, your new loyal customer

Bob, many thanks for writing in to tell us about yourself and your experience. Anytime we can prove our products to a skeptic and educated, fact-driven customer, we all high-five ourselves. It’s why we’re in business.

Rock on, Bob, and please keep spreading the word about Rislone fuel products. We’re not the first to the fuel game, but we’re aiming to be the best.

Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair Makes Marriage Happy Again


We got a LOT of customer emails and testimonials, but this one takes the cake. In it, Richard H. from Memphis, TN talks about how Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair (p/n 4416) made his home happy again after a mower incident. Here’s what Richard writes:

While in the hospital my wife loaned my new craftsman 20 hp. lawn mower to a friend. After I returned home I started my mower and I almost choked with smoke. I have no idea what she did? I was not happy. I reminded her that I never loan tools to anyone, which she already knew!

I was replacing plugs and adding oil non stop. I used your product (ring seal) and the smoking stopped, oil remained at the full mark and plugs were not fouled. My lawn mower regained full power and now runs like new. I did not have to spend 2k for a new mower thanks to your product. I am still in shock, every time I check the oil level it is still at the full level. Thanks to “ring seal” I am a happy man again.

We’re happy you’re happy, Richard. There’s an old southwest Detroit proverb that says, “happy wife, happy home.” We think it applies to mowers too.

Cheers, and thanks for writing us!

Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment Wins 2013 PTEN Innovation Award

NOVEMBER 5, 2013 — LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — It’s deja vu all over again: Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment (p/n 4700) won an Innovation Award from Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) at the AAPEX 2013 automotive aftermarket expo. This is the second time in three years that a Rislone fuel system product has won such an award.

PTEN Innovation Award winners are selected not by advertising spend, not by lobbying, but by actual automotive technicians who use products on a daily basis and vote for the best-in-class solutions. We’re proud to have our products recognized for their innovation, because when we set out to enter the fuel market, we had one mission: be better than everything else out there, or don’t bother doing it.

Thousands of customers have contacted us to tell us how thankful they are that someone created a fuel product that actually works, and it’s icing on the cake to have our technology recognized by PTEN and professional auto technicians.

Our thanks go out to PTEN and the technicians they polled to make this award a reality. Cheers!

Versatile Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner Solves Fuel System and Engine Issues



Don’t be fooled by its name: Rislone® Fuel Injector Cleaner does much more than just clean an engine’s fuel injectors. When used regularly, the super-concentrated additive quiets noisy injectors and fuel pumps, soothes rough idle, eliminates hard starts, increases power and lubricates the entire fuel system. Plus, Fuel Injector Cleaner includes Rislone’s proprietary Upper Cylinder Lubricant, which extends engine life.

“This single product provides a complete fuel system tune-up before going to work in the engine, where it lubricates cylinders, rings, pistons, valves and guides,” says Clay Parks, vice president of development for Rislone. “Fuel Injector Cleaner is one of the most multipurpose products we make.”

The benefits start in the fuel tank, where Fuel Injector Cleaner (P/N 34701) helps prevent rust and corrosion. It is compatible with modern fuels, including unleaded gasoline, flex fuel, E10, E15, E85, ultra-low-sulfer diesel and other bio blends.

Fuel Injector Cleaner lubricates the fuel lines and fuel pump, ensuring quiet operation. It then moves through the injectors, where it eliminates deposits like gum and varnish.

“Injectors can only operate efficiently if they are clean,” said Parks. “Carbon buildup can cause pre-ignition, power loss, burned valves and even broken rings. If your customers’ vehicles exhibit pinging or hesitation, one bottle of Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner can quickly put them back on the road. Even if nothing seems amiss, the product can improve vehicle mileage and reduce wear over time.”

The Upper Cylinder Lubricant included in Fuel Injector Cleaner was developed by Rislone to make up for the lack of lubrication in modern fuels. It forms a protective barrier inside the cylinders that prevents carbon from sticking. Instead of forming deposits, the carbon is burned off and exits with the exhaust.

Since it is packaged in Rislone’s new EZ NozzleTM/MC bottle, Fuel Injector Cleaner can be used in all vehicles, including those with capless or obstructed fuel systems. A built-in flow valve delays the pour to ensure users have time to properly insert the bottle into any filler neck. When inserted into a capless or obstructed fuel tank, the patent-pending Rislone EZ Nozzle opens the fuel system safety door and allows the additive to flow in smoothly. Rislone super-concentrated additives are the only products on the market that can be easily installed directly into capless fuel systems without the need for ancillary equipment.

Like all Rislone products, Fuel Injector Cleaner is made in North America. It works in all fuel-injected, turbo, direct-injected and carbureted engines. Users simply pour the entire bottle into the fuel tank; one 177 mL bottle of Fuel Injector Cleaner treats 76 liters (20 gallons) of fuel.

Fuel Injector Cleaner is available to distribution in case packs of 12 bottles. For more information about the full line of Rislone premium performance chemicals, visit, email or call (800) 521-7475. You can also follow Rislone on Facebook at