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The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is the kickoff event of the year for automotive manufacturers and their enthusiasts. The auto show held in the heart of Detroit attracted over 800,000 attendees in its nine days of display. The auto makers use shows like the NAIAS to showcase all of their vehicles including a variety of colors, models and a collection of vehicles that won’t hit the market for years. If you’re looking for what the future of cars is going to look like, there is a good chance it was on display at the NAIAS.

Transmission interior

What jumped at me was Buick. The company was proud to display their futuristic concept vehicle of the future, a model they’re calling the Avista. The vehicle featured carbon fiber and aluminum detailing as well as a full touch screen across the whole span of the dashboard that would allow the driver and passengers access to the climate control settings, entertainment features and many other accessories. The most interesting fact about this vehicle is that the entire roof is a touch screen made of glass. Now before you get yourself ready to sign the paperwork, they made it very clear this was only a concept vehicle and there aren’t any currently in production. What is the purpose of putting this un-buyable vehicle on display? Because these cars are in our immediate future, and the automakers want you to know what they’re doing. It’s a way they can show technological thought leadership. Going beyond cars of the future, this year FIAT displayed cars of the galaxy with their Storm Trooper car. Star Wars The Force Awakens broke box office records, so it’s no real surprise to find someone pulling in fans at the auto show.

Avista Back

Avista Interior

If you’ve ever wondered what the airbags in your vehicle really look like or maybe the inside of your engine? The NAIAS had dozens of displays featuring the parts of your car you never get to see. A company that manufactures airbags had an interesting display featuring a clear car with the different kind of airbags you’ll find in your vehicles. You could also find displays featuring engines, transmissions all the way down to your tires.

air bags 1

air bags 2

Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast or you’re just looking into purchasing a new or new to you vehicle auto shows can be a good resource for information and give you the opportunity to get in the vehicles. The North American International Auto show happens in Detroit, but auto shows happen all over the United States and the world, so stay on the lookout for one in your area.