Smoke Eliminator with Stop Leak

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What it's for:
  • Engine
What it does:
  • Stops Leaks
  • Stops Smoking
  • Stops Leaks
  • Restores and Thickens Oil
  • Cushions and Coats Internal Parts
  • Conditions Seals
  • How does it work?

    Smoking is usually caused by gaps in internal engine parts resulting from excess wear. Rislone Smoke Eliminator with Stop Leak contains viscosity improvers that thicken the oil film filling these gaps. Rislone Smoke with Stop Leak cushions and coats engine parts helping reduce wear and quiet noisy lifters

  • Will Rislone Smoke Eliminator with Stop Leak clog my oil filter?

    No. Unlike our cooling system product, Rislone Smoke Eliminator with Stop Leak has no particles to plug the leak, it works chemically to stop leaks in gaskets and seals.

  • Will Rislone Smoke w/ Stop Leak work in synthetic oil?

    Yes, Rislone Smoke Eliminator is compatible with all petroleum based oils, including synthetics.

  • If first application does not completely stop leak, may I add another bottle?

    Yes, you can install a second application for hard to stop leaks. If your leak still persists after a second application, then mechanical attention may be required.

  • If I install more than the required amount, will it work faster or better?

    No, we have formulated our product to work best at the suggested dosage amount.

  • How long does it take to start working?

    Rislone Smoke Eliminator with Stop Leak starts working the minute you install and start driving the vehicle. You will usually see results in about 150 km or two (2) days of driving.

  • What are the dosage recommendations?

    1 bottle treats 4 to 6 litres of oil.

The old saying goes that if you say you do something, you should do it well. At Rislone, we stop engine smoke and associated leaks, guaranteed. When your engine is smoking excessively, with visible blue smoke coming from your tailpipe, you want to find an affordable solution. At the same time, you want to seal all leaks so that nothing is escaping from your engine, causing additional pollution and oil losses.

We’ve got your answer.

Rislone Smoke Eliminator With Stop Leak: this proven formulation takes care of your smoke problems at the source, meaning your pistons and rings. In fact, your piston rings serve multiple purposes:

  • They seal your gas and air mixture in your cylinder for combustion and detonation.
  • They allow for movement of your pistons within your engine’s cylinders.
  • They keep oil from entering your combustion chambers.

As your piston rings wear out, they can allow oil to seep past, which creates the blue smoke you often see coming from the tailpipe on older cars. This smoke not only smells bad, but is also noxious for humans, pollutes the environment and is a common cause for failure in emissions testing. If enough oil burns off, your oil level can drop so low that your engine is no longer properly lubricated.

Blue Smoke Is a Warning Sign

The first sign of blue smoke isn’t a cause for panic — it is an indication that you have a problem. If you leave a piston ring problem unaddressed for too long, you can damage your engine, which requires a costly engine rebuild or replacement — or even taking your vehicle off the road for good. Instead of waiting, when you first detect blue smoke and engine oil leaks, let Rislone and take care of the problem right away.

In most cases, a single application is all it takes to seal your leak permanently. For larger leaks or significant blue smoke, you may need additional applications. The good news is, our oil additive designed to stop car smoking is affordable and proven to work. Instead of taking your car, truck van or SUV to a mechanic, try fixing your smoking engine problem on your own. Millions of customers have already, and you can too.

You don’t need any automotive experience. Using Rislone products is as easy as pouring the contents of the bottle into your engine and driving like you normally do. Most customers see an improvement right away and will see their blue smoke disappear for good after a short time. Our advanced formulation will also stop any leaks in other parts of your engine, meaning you can say “goodbye” to costly and annoying oil leaks and losses.

Help From an Experienced Team

While our reputation as a market leader in engine products and additives comes from the quality, reliability and affordability of our formulations, we are also known for our excellent customer service here at Rislone. Fill in our online contact form if you have any questions about our Smoke Eliminator With Stop Leak.

We are confident you will be impressed with how well our products work, so come and discover why more and more Mexican drivers are turning to Rislone for a solution to their smoking engine problems.

Part Number: 24326
Dosage: 1 bottle treats 4 to 6 litres of oil.
Size: 500 mL

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