Engine Treatment (100QR)

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What it's for:
  • Engine
What it does:
  • Lubricates
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Stops Noise
  • Cleans
  • Performance
  • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Quiets Noisy Lifters & Valves
  • Removes & Prevents Sludge
  • Keeps Engine Clean
  • Do I have to flush my oil after using Rislone Engine Treatment?

    No, Rislone Engine Treatment is formulated to be left safely in the crankcase for the life of the oil change for maximum performance. It is not an engine flush and does not require draining.

  • Will Rislone Engine Treatment work in synthetic oil?

    Yes, Rislone works with all petroleum-based motor oils including conventional, high mileage and synthetic. Rislone is also safe for use with PTFE-based engine treatments and will not alter the PTFE coating.

  • How does Rislone Engine Treatment work?

    Rislone Engine Treatment gradually dissolves and removes harmful deposits of varnish, sludge and gum from the internal metal parts without plugging oil passages. These deposits form within engines and can alter tolerances, stick valves and rings, cause noisy valves and lifters, and plug oil screens and passages. Regular use of Rislone Engine Treatment, with oil and filter changes at the proper intervals, will keep such deposits to a minimum.

  • How much Rislone Engine Treatment do I install?

    One bottle of 100QR Rislone Engine Treatment 1 quart (32 oz.) is designed to treat 4 to 6 quarts of oil, this allows you to replace a quart of motor oil at oil change time. You can also use it to “top off” or add to your system between oil changes. Do NOT overfill. For larger systems, stationary engines and diesel trucks, use at 20% of engine oil capacity. For severely dirty engines, use two quarts of Rislone Engine Treatment and change the oil after 100 miles of driving.

  • Is Rislone Engine Treatment safe for my newer vehicle?

    Yes, Rislone Engine Treatment has the lubricating and protective capabilities of current motor oils, plus additional penetrating properties which do a superior job of maintaining long-term cleanliness and deposit control. Use of Rislone Engine Treatment will not void your new car warranty.

  • Does Rislone Engine Treatment contain chlorine or any chlorine like additives?

    No, Rislone does not condone or produce any engine additive products with chlorine. We are aware of other additive companies which use chlorine and it shows to reduce wear in laboratory testing, but can cause damage to engine bearings and other components in real world driving.

  • How long does it take to start working?

    Rislone Engine Treatment starts working the minute you install and start driving the vehicle to help remove harmful gum, sludge, and deposits from your engine.

  • I accidently added the Rislone Engine Treatment into my gas tank, what should I do?

    Rislone Engine Treatment is only designed to be added to the engine crankcase / where you add your engine oil. If the product is installed in the gas tank, the tank should be removed and cleaned out by a professional mechanic.

  • Can Rislone Engine Treatment be used in two stroke engines?

    No, it is has not been tested or designed to be used in two stroke engines, only four stroke engines.

The Legend: Rislone Engine Treatment

This is it – the product that made Rislone famous. It used to be called “a tune-up in a bottle,” and was the very reason the phrase “tune-up” was invented. No joke — this is where all that started. Fast forward to today: eating clean and healthy foods ensures that our bodies perform at their best. The cleaner we keep our system, the better it runs. This is true for our cars as well.  A cleaner engine is a better-lubricated engine with less friction and wear. Our famous, award-winning Rislone Engine Treatment does just that. This product contains high quality penetrating lubrication oil, combined with protective engine additives and special cleaning agents. It’s like a healthy diet for your car.

Its multi-grade formula allows oil to flow freely and provides protection over a broader temperature range. The unique Rislone formula is designed to penetrate into valve seats, bearing surfaces, piston rings and ring grooves, where sludge and varnish is likely to form. These deposits are gradually removed with the next oil change. There’s a reason it’s the #1 product chosen by race and off-road clubs.

Discover World-Class Engine Performance

Have you ever thought about cleaning your engine? We don’t mean the outside. We mean cleaning the inside, where years of oil, fuel and coolant use has created a buildup of sludge and debris. Cleaning all that out can allow your engine to run smoother, develop more power and eliminate excess wear. The result is a more responsive engine that gives better fuel economy and will last longer.

There are several reasons why automotive engine sludge removal is important:

  • Oil starvation: When engine debris and sludge builds up, it can starve certain areas of your engine of oil during operation. The moving parts of your engine, like the pistons and the crankshaft, need constant oil flow for lubrication. Sludge acts as a barrier to oil delivery and can cause problems.
  • Dirt and debris accumulation: While sludge itself can be considered dirt, it’s the solid particles that are trapped within that are the most dangerous. If they get pulled into the moving parts, they can damage and wear down metallic surfaces. Sludge doesn’t pass through your oil filter, and therefore can’t be cleaned.
  • Blockage: When sludge buildup is significant enough, it can start to block your oil pump and oil galleries. At this point, solid sludge can get pulled into your pistons and start to cause serious damage. Driven too long like this, engine sludge can destroy an engine, forcing costly and time-consuming repairs, or even replacement.

Removing engine sludge is necessary to keep your engine running properly and giving you full power, maximum fuel economy and increased longevity. Thanks to almost 100 years of experience in the business, we have perfected our engine treatments and cleaners. Our award-winning products are simple to use and often give noticeable results after the first application. They remove even thick sludge that otherwise could cause serious problems for your engine.

We’re proud of all our automotive chemicals, treatments and cleaners. They’re proven, innovative and effective. We apply this philosophy to everything we do. Thanks to our engine treatment products, you can give your engine the tuning and cleaning it needs to get it back to like-new condition.


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Regular use of Rislone Engine Treatment, with oil and filter changes, will keep your engine components running smoothly. Simply watch Bobby and Caitlin in our how-to video to see how easy it is to install this product. Peak performance and car health has never been easier.

Part Number: 100QR
Dosage: One Bottle Treats 4 to 6 Quarts of Oil
Size: 32 fl. oz. (946 mL)
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