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Thanks for taking a quick second out of your day (and away from your music) to check us out. Rislone has over 90 years of fuel and oil additive experience, and we are one of the global innovators who create advanced formulas for today’s cars. If you’re looking to restore your car’s performance, improve mileage or just have your car run better for longer, you’re in the right place.


4700-website-PNG3Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment

The most advanced fuel treatment you can buy, period. Sound unlikely? This one dual-cavity bottle contains the same amount of additives equal to a bottle of regular fuel injector cleaner, upper cylinder lubricant, fuel stabilizer, gas dryer, gas treatment and octane booster. In other words, this is one powerful bottle, literally six products in one. This formula increases power, performance, mileage and saves you gas by cleaning and lubricating the complete fuel system. And the best part? No need to use every time you fill up, like other additives. Just use every 5,000 miles and you’re good to go.




4740-website-PNG1Diesel Fuel System Treatment

The diesel fuel treatment that has car clubs, turbodiesel enthusiasts and diesel owners raving. Boost your diesel’s performance and increase longevity with this powerful dual-cavity bottle. It improves the quality of diesel fuel by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, fighting corrosion, boosting cetane and helping to prevent the fuel from gelling and going bad. It’s the perfect all-in-one, and like our gasoline fuel treatment, you only need to use it once every 5,000 miles.




Rislone is driven by the promise to give our customers control over their car’s health and performance. Even with today’s detergent fuels and modern oils, we believe taking care of your car is a commitment and a passion, and with over 90 years of experience under our belt, you can trust that our products will help you boost your car’s performance to another level while improving reliability and drivability.