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Nano Prime™ Engine + Oil Performance Booster

Rislone Nano Prime was years in the making – literally. With customers clamoring for a fully-synthetic Rislone engine + oil treatment, we took our time in research and development to bring you the most advanced engine treatment we have made – ever.

We think the results speak for themselves.

With patented nanotechnology in a fully synthetic oil that massively reduces friction and grants long-term protection to metal in even the most demanding applications (racing, off-road driving, high-stress/high-temp commercial duty, stop & go traffic, etc.), Rislone Nano Prime is what you’ve been waiting for.

Fully synthetic Rislone Nano Prime – more power, more protection, better MPG, smoother and quieter operation. With almost 100 years in the performance chemical business, we’ve learned a thing or two.

And put it in…

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Compression Repair with Ring Seal

Reduce Engine Wear with Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Sealer
An automotive engine is complex. Hundreds of parts come together to make it run. It’s the movement of your pistons that creates the power necessary to move your car, and this movement relies on metallic rings around your pistons to keep the fuel mixture separate from the oil. The high speeds, temperatures and pressures in your engine mean that your piston rings are under high stress.

Over time, your piston rings start to wear down, as do your pistons and cylinders (engine block) themselves. If the gap between these components gets too large, you can have several problems:

Increased oil consumption: A small amount of oil is needed to lubricate your pistons, but with wear, more…

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High-Mileage Engine Treatment

Engineered Specifically for High-Mileage Engines
Young people and older folks aren’t the same: they need different things for optimal health. It’s the same with your car. New engines and older, high-mileage engines have different lubrication and cleaning requirements.

We talk to hundreds of customers every week, and one of the most common conversations we have is about high-mileage engines. How can it be cleaned? What protection does it need? How can it get back to running like it used to? How can I keep it on the road?

It such a common question that we developed the best high-mileage formula on the market: Rislone High-Mileage Engine Treatment. We took our legendary Rislone Engine Treatment – the one that’s been winning awards for decades – and specifically modified…

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High-Performance Oil Treatment

Boost Your Oil and Achieve Higher Performance
Many Rislone customers are enthusiasts who want the best performance possible out of older cars like hot rods and classic cars. In fact, we’re a bunch of motorheads ourselves. Having adequate engine power to accelerate, merge and pass is not only fun, but is also safer. If your car, truck, van or SUV feels underpowered, it leaves you feeling vulnerable on the road. Our Rislone High-Performance Oil Treatment is designed to restore top performance to your engine and make your car feel like new again.

The secret is our industry-proven, advanced formula that we’ve been perfecting for years. We have over 100 years of experience creating and manufacturing a wide range of engine and fuel treatment products. While we’re…

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Engine Treatment

The Legend: Rislone Engine Treatment
This is it – the product that made Rislone famous. It used to be called “a tune-up in a bottle,” and was the very reason the phrase “tune-up” was invented. No joke — this is where all that started. Fast forward to today: eating clean and healthy foods ensures that our bodies perform at their best. The cleaner we keep our system, the better it runs. This is true for our cars as well.  A cleaner engine is a better-lubricated engine with less friction and wear. Our famous, award-winning Rislone Engine Treatment does just that. This product contains high quality penetrating lubrication oil, combined with protective engine additives and special cleaning agents. It’s like a healthy diet for your car.


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