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3X Concentrated Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment

What it's for:
  • engine
What it does:
  • Lubricates
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Stops Noise
  • Real ZDDP Zinc, Not a Substitute
  • Increases Engine Life
  • Makes Newer Oils Work in Older Engines
  • Protecting Engines Since 1921
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The Best ZDDP Supplement You Can Buy

As we get older, our bodies need extra vitamins and supplements to keep them running like they used to. Car engines aren’t much different – they still fall victim to wear and age. Modern conventional motor oils lack the metal protection older or high-performance engines require. That’s why we created the Rislone 3X Concentrated Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment. This product is a great performance booster that helps protect older internal engine components. Kind of like a multivitamin, right? Only this one has ZDDP, the best form of zinc and phosphorus protection available anywhere in the automotive world.

This high performance formula stabilizes the motor oil to insure against viscosity and thermal breakdown. It also reduces friction and wear, especially at start-up, helping to eliminate dry starts. Less friction means less wear and a cooler-running, longer lasting engine.

Why Choose Rislone’s ZDDP Supplement?

Most drivers know that having adequate engine oil is important to the longevity and performance of your vehicle. But do you know what ZDDP is all about?

  • Anti-Wear and Corrosion Inhibitor: ZDDP is short for zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, and is a combination of zinc and phosphorus. When put under pressure, ZDDP attaches to the metal surface and becomes a sacrificial wear material. Beyond being an anti-wear additive, it also is a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Modern Oils Have Reduced Zinc Levels: Modern motor oils have been updated to meet the needs of changing engine designs. This has led to a reduction of zinc in today’s oils, which means modern oils do not offer the protection needed for older engines.
  • What Does ZDDP Do, Anyway? Rislone Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment (ZDDP) cools and lubricates moving parts far better than oil alone. ZDDP clinging properties hold the oil to metal parts preventing wear and dry starts. Special additives also prevent oil thinning at high temperatures where normal oil fails.
  • Why Choose Rislone? Some ZDDP additives are designed for break-in use only. Other additives make wild claims about coating the inside of the engine with Teflon-type additives, but no real proof has been established to back up these claims. Rislone Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment uses proven ZDDP technology along with our 90 plus years of oil additive knowledge to protect the moving parts of your engine to be used after break-in.

Many products claim to protect your engine, but at Rislone we’ve spent nearly a century proving it – on the highway and on the racetrack. We have taken the time to study, formulate and test our formulations in the lab and in the real world. We take customer feedback and usage data to improve our products. Today, we have some of the highest-performance engine oil treatments on the market.

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Then, watch Bobby and Caitlin in the how-to video to see how easy it is to install this product, or contact our support team for more questions. Older and high-performance engines deserve a quality ZDDP additive. Feed them Rislone.

Part Number: 4405
Dosage: Use as directed in gasoline & diesel engines, antique & classic cars, motorcycles (4 stroke except wet clutch), tractors, agricultural & industrial machinery, and all racing applications.
Size: 11 fl.oz. (325 mL)

Testimonials & Reviews

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  • “Love this stuff... Been using it since I noticed what looked like scratches on my cam lobes. Ever since I started using it my lifters are way quieter and the wear on my cam loves seems to have stayed at the same level since I began adding this to my oil. Highly recommend it!”

    Adam - Tri Cities, WA
  • “I add half a bottle at each oil change, and I love it. I've used this for the last 10 years in my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 inline 6. Always use the cheapest 10w-30 oil I can find and a better filter.”

    Rob - Mesa, AZ
  • “I used two bottles during my hydraulic flat lifter cam break-in with no problems. After the break-in, I again intrusted this product to protect my new engine. It has performed as advertised!”

    J. Allen - Mercedes, Texas

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