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Engine Treatment Concentrate

What it's for:
  • engine
What it does:
  • Lubricates
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Stops Noise
  • Cleans
  • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Quiets Noisy Lifters & Valves
  • Removes & Prevents Sludge
  • Keeps Engine Clean
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Less Is More: A Concentrated Version of Rislone’s Legendary Engine Treatment

Engine Treatment Concentrate: A concentrated version of the product that made Rislone famous. It used to be called “a tune-up in a bottle,” and was the very reason the phrase “tune-up” was invented. No joke — this is where all that started.

Fast forward to today: eating clean and healthy foods ensures that our bodies perform at their best. The cleaner we keep our system, the better it runs. This is true for our cars as well – maybe even moreso.  A cleaner engine is a better-lubricated engine with less friction and wear. Our famous, award-winning Rislone Engine Treatment does just that. This product contains high quality penetrating lubrication oil, combined with protective engine additives and special cleaning agents. It’s like a healthy diet for your car.

Its multi-grade formula allows the oil to flow freely and provides protection over a broader temperature range. The unique Rislone formula is designed to penetrate into valve seats, bearing surfaces, piston rings and ring grooves, where sludge and varnish is likely to form. These deposits are gradually removed with the next oil change. There’s a reason it’s the #1 product chosen by race and off-road clubs.

“Engine Tune-Up in a Bottle”

When you hear the term “engine tune-up,” you might automatically think this means an expensive procedure that only a mechanic can perform. At Rislone, we let our advanced scientific formulas do a lot of the hard work. With the simple addition of a quality engine treatment, our “engine tune-up in a bottle” can clean out your engine and give you fast and easy improvements in terms of power, economy and longevity.

For nearly 100 years, we’ve been working hard to create powerful, efficient aftermarket chemicals that make a real difference from the first application. In the case of our engine treatments, we have created a product that sludge and debris that has been building up for years inside your engine.

The main moving parts of your engine move so fast and reach such high temperatures that they stay clean. But some of the oil passages and galleries that see lower flow can get covered with thick grease and oil sludge. We have formulated our concentrated engine treatment to work in several ways:

  • Clean: Heat and friction can cause oil to get thick and “bake” (also called coking) on the inside surfaces of your engine. Without a way to get in to clean, this oil builds up over time, causing power, fuel economy and emissions problems. Our powerful detergent package detaches old oil deposits and cleans your engine from the inside.
  • Remove: It’s not enough to simply detach the oil and grease from engine surfaces. You also need to get it out. Once again, our engine treatments have been designed to break the deposited oil down so it can exit your engine, improving performance, mileage and reliability.
  • Protect: The final step with our engine treatment products is to leave clean internal engine surfaces that discourage oil and grease buildup. You’ll get many more miles of reliable, high-performance use out of your engine with just a few applications of our “tune-up in a bottle.”

Before you take your car in for a costly tune-up from a mechanic, try our Rislone engine treatment. It’s won dozens of industry awards, and it’s been improved through the years as engine designs have changed. Our effective and affordable engine treatment products have been proven to work over the years by millions of customers and will give you the same results. Use

our online locator to find the store nearest you

that carries our “tune-up in a bottle” and give your engine a boost unlike any other on the market.

Regular use of Rislone Engine Treatment, with oil and filter changes, will keep your engine components running smoothly. Simply watch Bobby and Caitlin in our how-to video to see how easy it is to install this product. Peak performance and car health has never been easier.

Part Number: 4102
Dosage: In passenger car and light truck engines, use one bottle for a 4 to 6 quart system. For larger systems, stationary engines and diesel trucks, use 1 bottle for every 5 quarts of oil capacity.
Size: 16.9 fl oz. (500 mL)

Testimonials & Reviews

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  • “Used this on my 2006 Durango 4.7, 105k miles, was told about this product after an oil change added RISLONE. WOW felt the restored power after a few days!!!”

    Mike - LA, California
  • “I used to use Rislone regular engine treatment (the stuff is a legend), but this came out and it's concentrated so it's easier to top off between oil changes (I can use less of it for the same results). If you know how good Rislone's engine treatment is then this is the same thing, only concentrated and IMHO easier to use because you can use less of it and don't need to do it at an oil change.”

    P. Allan - Kansas City, MO
  • “I have been using Rislone products in all my vehicles for over 30 years. My father always used it on his cars as well.

    I believe in the product and the claims made by Rislone. I regularly maintenance my vehicles and have never had an issue with noise, smoking, or loss of performance.

    Great product!”

    Tim Parker - Riverside, Ca
  • “Rislone Concentrate really works! I once went over 7000 miles before an oil change thinking synthetic oil could go that long. I was wrong, consequently left with so much sludge in my Yukon Denali 6.2 engine that during the last oil change I had to use a long screwdriver in the oil drain to keep the oil coming out...

    Rislone to the rescue...two oil changes later the sludge has been coming out so much that it's amazing that my UBER taxi still works. Now each oil change I use 1 bottle of concentrate. The oil is coming out on its own now. The tick is gone as well.”

    John K. - Tinley Park, IL
  • “1966 Buick Skylark 310 cid V8 with 30,000 on rebuild. Had 2 or 3 hydraulic lifters begin to inflate slowly, eventually not at all. Loud tick from several at start up and would continue. Added one can of Rislone treatment concentrate, had wife start car as I videoed results. 20 to 30 seconds after start-up engine ticks were gone and entire valvetrain quieted. Sounded like a sewing machine. THANKS Rislone for saving me from breaking into a fairly fresh engine!!!!!”

    Jason Y. - Tulsa, OK
  • “Added to my Mazda CX-7 and wow picked up 1 mile more per gallon.

    Added Rislone's complete fuel system treatment and gained another 2 mpg.

    Good stuff!”

    GP - Tampa, FL
  • “I have a 2008 Chevy Malibu Classic with 142,289 miles on it (now). The lifters started tapping in 2014 and became progressively louder or so it seemed to me. Friends and 2 different mechanics said I would need to replace all of them (the lifters). Other people said just drive the car until it dies and that is what I was going to do. After driving it for 2 years with the tapping noise I talked to my neighbor who suggested Rislone. Also another friend that moved back into the area ran a diagnostic test and said the car needed a new mass air flow sensor as well as new lifters. I put a whole bottle of Rislone in and drove it appx. 2,500 miles. I then had the oil/filter change and after that replaced the mass air flow sensor and now my car runs like it used to. Quiet and smooth with good acceleration. For me it was a miracle. Now I've added Rislone for maintenance and will never be without it. I want this car to last me another 100,000 miles if possible. I have owned 2 brand new vehicles and just do not want another car payment right now. I am so thankful for your product.”

    Jan - Clermont, Florida
  • “My Chrysler 300 knocked and tapped like a big dog when cold. I put this in and on my next start up I could not hear car run. Only been 1 day but I am impressed.”

    Jim W. - Canton, Ohio
  • “'05 Silverado HD 6.0 gas with 461435 miles on it, amazing work truck. One lifter finally quit and wouldn't come back. 250 plus miles of that noise and I caved and got some RISLONE. 9...nine miles later after adding concentrated bottle and she's dead purr quiet.”

    Matt S. - Northern CA
  • “True story from a Deacon's mouth. My 2000 Dakota with 196K starts ticking. Yes I change my oil regularly myself! So I change after 1200 miles or so just cuz it's ticking with some STP 10-30 hi-millage synthetic blend with a full bottle of Lucas Complete Engine Treatment. Still ticking and it's getting louder, so I get some other stuff from Lucas, drain a bit of oil, and put that in it figuring that will do it. NOT... In the mean time, I'm looking on Ebay for a set of lifters, I'm sill waiting for them from California for almost a week now. The ticking turns into a chatter, now my concern turns into a worry, and I need the truck. So I go back to the store to see what I can do. "Maybe I won't have to rent a car for a spell." After watching this guy on You Tube with a motor and a bearing. So I pick up this reasonable priced bottle of RISLONE, and very nervous at this point. Pouring in the parking lot of the store, 1/3 of a bottle, Figuring I'm going to change the oil again when I change the lifters. It starts to quiet slightly, but not much. Oh well going to rent a car tomorrow. This morning I took my wife to work, 3-4 miles tops. in the city of Pittsburgh, lots of hills. At the red light I always get on the hill, I know the chatter of the engine that bounces off the building to the right. The chatter turned a very slight tick. I was so pleased, I drifted back and made another run to verify. I'm still going to change the lifters, but I'm feeling much better now. I'll buy RISLONE from now on, and more importantly, I will tell the folks from church and all my friends, and it's a lot! Thanx Rislone you made a difference.”

    Chris M. - North Side of Pittsburgh

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