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High-Performance Oil Treatment

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Rislone High-Performance Oil Treatment

Just because your car is older doesn’t mean it can’t perform like it used to. Remember the good old days? Get them back with a can of Rislone High-Performance Oil Treatment. This high-viscosity formula was specially developed for older and higher-mileage engines to improve their performance so your car can have many more good days. Performance doesn’t have to diminish with age, and we can prove it. We’ve been proving it for over 90 years.

This oil treatment increases film thickness, building a thicker oil cushion and increasing oil pressure in mid- to high-mileage engines. Increased oil pressure equals increased power and a quieter-running engine. Not to mention, the Rislone High-Performance Oil Treatment cushions and coats engine internals to reduce friction and wear by preventing metal-to-metal contact between moving parts, giving your vehicle longer engine life.

It’s not hard to fight aging – at least in a car. And we can prove it.

What it's for:
  • engine
What it does:
  • Lubricates
  • Increases Oil Pressure
  • Performance
  • Stops Noise
  • High-Performance Formula
  • Increases Oil Pressure
  • Quiets Noisy Engines & Lifters
  • Protects Against Engine Wear
  • How does Rislone Oil Treatment work?

    Rislone Oil Treatment is a high-viscosity formula developed for older and higher mileage engines to increase oil film thickness building a thicker oil cushion and increasing oil pressure in worn engines. This reduces friction and wear by preventing metal-to-metal contact between moving parts and quiets noisy engines. The new improved “High-Performance” VI Viscosity Improver formula works great in both hot and cold weather.

  • When should I add Rislone Oil Treatment?

    You can add Rislone Oil Treatment anytime, at or between oil changes.

  • How much Rislone Oil Treatment do I install?

    One can of 4471 Rislone Oil Treatment (15 oz.) is designed to treat 4 to 6 quarts of oil. For larger systems use 1 can for every 5 quarts of capacity. Do not overfill. On 4-Stroke ATV, Motorcycle and small engines, including wet clutch applications, use approximately 3 ounces per quart of oil capacity.

  • How long does it take to start working?

    Rislone Oil Treatment starts working the minute you install and start driving the vehicle.

  • Can Rislone be used in the winter months for colder areas?

    Yes, this product is formulated to be used in both summer and winter driving seasons.

  • Will Rislone work in synthetic oil?

    Yes, Rislone works with all petroleum-based motor oils including conventional, high mileage and synthetic.

  • What does 710 Seven Ten mean?

    710 is actually the word OIL upside down.

  • Why do some vehicle manufacturers recommend against using oil additives?

    Many vehicle manufacturers recommend against using additives, even though some sell them under their own brands, because of the quality of some of these products. Many aftermarket additives contain harmful chlorine based chemicals or unproven additives like PTFE (Teflon) which we did not use in any of our Rislone products.

Boost Your Oil and Achieve Higher Performance

Many Rislone customers are enthusiasts who want the best performance possible out of older cars like hot rods and classic cars. In fact, we’re a bunch of motorheads ourselves. Having adequate engine power to accelerate, merge and pass is not only fun, but is also safer. If your car, truck, van or SUV feels underpowered, it leaves you feeling vulnerable on the road. Our Rislone High-Performance Oil Treatment is designed to restore top performance to your engine and make your car feel like new again.

The secret is our industry-proven, advanced formula that we’ve been perfecting for years. We have over 100 years of experience creating and manufacturing a wide range of engine and fuel treatment products. While we’re proud of the quality and effectiveness of all our formulas, our high-performance oil treatment is an especially exciting product for high-mileage and older cars.

Designed to be quick and easy to use, you simply follow the instructions on the bottle and add the product to your engine oil. It works quickly together with your engine oil to give a performance boost that you feel after just a few miles. The benefits are:

  • More power: As your car ages, your engine can start to feel tired and sluggish. Our high-performance oil treatment is designed to restore full power conditions from your engine for added power under acceleration that you can feel every time.
  • More responsiveness: Responsiveness is the tendency for your vehicle to react quickly to changes in the throttle position. Older cars can start be less responsive due to age, buildup, and wear. Our treatment returns the fast throttle response you’re used to.
  • More economy: While more power sounds like it means more fuel consumption, for regular driving, getting better performance means your engine doesn’t need to work as hard. This opens the door to noticeably increased fuel mileage (MPG).

Restore all the performance available from your engine with our Rislone High-Performance Oil Treatment. All that’s left is to

locate the nearest store

that sells Rislone products. Fast and easy to administer, most Rislone customers notice a difference after their first application.

Find out how Rislone has become a leader in engine oil treatment products with our affordable and effective High Performance Oil Treatment. Grab yourself a can and watch Bobby and Caitlin in our how-to video to see how easy it is to give your engine a new life. All you have to do is feed it Rislone!

Part Number: 4471
Dosage: One can treats 4 to 5 quarts of oil.
Size: 15 fl. oz. (443 mL)

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  • “My name is Eddie V. I own an '06 300C with 94,000 miles. The dreaded Hemi tick started. The shop wanted to replace lifters and exhaust manifolds ... but after a fresh oil change I added one can of Rislone 710 Oil Treatment and the noise is gone...motor is like new again...thanks for a great product.”

    Eddie V. - Austin, Texas
  • “I have used Rislone in all my cars and trucks since I was 16yrs old and now I'm 50. I have put over 400,000 miles my truck using Rislone, it truly is the best.”

    Rick M. - Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • “2000 s10 4.3 v6 217,000 miles. The product works for me because I had a slight valvetrain click when cold weather and I've used this Rislone product before on other vehicles and worked good. The vehicle as of today (the coldest day yet) has not clicked once cranked up so it must work to help with dry starts. I've used other well known brands but being petroleum based its thick and yeh it may stay on the parts but why use petroleum based when you can have product that isnt' all petroleum do just as good or better.”

    David - Boone, NC
  • “Used this on my 1990 Vanagon 300k+ miles and I get to 75 mph now super easy...Before I'd only get to 60 mph. Didn't think in my wildest dreams a product costing $5.00 could do this. Still shocked.”

    Chris - Long Beach, CA
  • “I had a horrible loud ticking in a 350 smallblock (1979 vintage) car that I bought through eBay. I checked for a bad lifter, but they were okay. Figured it was a stuck or bent valve. Put a bottle of Rislone HP Oil Treatment in and it gradually got much much quieter. It hasn't totally gone away, but it just sounds like a slight lifter tick now, not as noticeable. I never believed in miracles in a bottle, but this stuff really works.”

    Tim - CT