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Introducing Rislone® Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive™

New Rislone® Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive™ Reduces Engine Wear Up to 37 Percent
Rislone is first to use synthetic nanotechnology to protect engines better than oil alone
This is something you will be hearing A LOT about over the coming months.

Our new Rislone® Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive™ (P/N 4104) uses ground-breaking, patented synthetic nanotechnology to provide engines of all ages with significantly greater protection against friction and wear than oil alone. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing shows all engines treated with the new Nano Prime next-generation engine lubricant and oil treatment exhibited greatly reduced wear and friction. This reduction provides significantly increased engine performance and allows vehicles to run smoother, cleaner, cooler, quieter and more fuel-efficiently.