“Your products work so well, especially compared to others.”

For anyone thinking all fuel injector treatments are the same, perhaps Gary P. from Georgia can change your mind. He says:

“Not a question, but a comment about Rislone Products. I have used the Rislone oil additive for 35 years now. ( I first used it in a ’74 Ford LTD.) I am always amazed at how it restores power to old engines, expecially when using today’s synthetic oils which I suspect have a little detergent in them. […] Recently I had a car that lost it’s fuel pressure every time I shut it off. I knew it was a pressure leak at the fuel pump, the fuel pressure regulator or an injector stuck open. Techron, Chemtool, STP fuel treatments didn’t help. After 30,000 miles I stumble upon Rislone gas treatment on the shelf and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It freed up the sticking injector after one tank and now the car starts better than ever before. And I was about to replace all the injectors. I don’t understand why your products work so well, especially as compared to others. Thanks for making such a great line of products!”

Gary is referring to Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with UCL, part number 4701. We custom-developed this formula for over a year with our #1 goal being a fuel product that actually works. From everything we’re hearing from our customers, we hit our goal.

Thanks for writing in, Gary!

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