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  • Rislone Complete Diesel Treatment is the flat-out best performance diesel engine fuel product I’ve ever used. Everyone who drives a diesel should know about it. Most don’t do anything, Rislone is the opposite. I’m happy my diesel shop recommended it to me.

    — — B. Gooding, Gunnison, CO

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Your Car Is What It Eats. Make It Rislone.

Our company is driven by the promise to give our customers control over their car’s health and performance. Even with today’s detergent fuels and modern oils, we believe taking care of your car is a commitment and a passion, and with over 90 years of experience under our belt, you can trust that our products will help you boost your car’s performance to another level. Our products are specially formulated to clean, condition and leave your car feeling brand new – they’re a fountain of youth in a bottle. Don’t you wish they worked on you?

The award-winning Rislone team of chemical engineers continuously work to give you the best automotive additives in the industry so you can keep to your Rislone Regimen. Whether you’re looking to maintain, boost, or extend your car’s performance, we create the perfect product to meet those goals – just ask millions of racing and off-road enthusiasts worldwide. We keep your car’s performance in top shape so you can rest assured that it will get you where you need to be – whether it’s out to dinner, to the office, or off the line faster.

Remember, your car is what it eats. Make it Rislone.