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DPF Clean®Diesel DPF Exhaust Emissions Cleaner

  • Increases Power, Performance & Mileage
  • Less Frequent Regen Cycles
  • Clears P242F & Similar OBD II Codes
  • Clears Check Engine Light
  • Effective in All Diesel & Biodiesel Fuels

Welcome to the most potent diesel product we’ve ever developed.

DPF CLEAN® Diesel DPF, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner features high-performing detergents and heavy duty cleaning solvents that effectively scrub and remove contaminants, soot, carbon build-up, and oily residue from the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, turbo, EGR, diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter and exhaust system.

This formula is your single-bottle solution to help your diesel vehicle restore lost power/performance, unclog blocked DPF, turn off check engine light, and clear P242F and similar OBD codes.

Use once every 5,000 miles to keep your diesel running at its best, extend DPF life, and reduce regeneration cycles. Features money back guarantee.

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Product Details

Part Number: 4744

Dosage: Add entire bottle into approximately 1/4 full tank truck or large SUV (1/2 full tank car or small to mid-size SUV) of diesel fuel.

Size: 16.9 FL OZ (500 mL)

SDS / Tech Info:
4744 SDS Open Download
4744 PDS Open Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Product Info

DPF CLEAN® Diesel DPF, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner has high-performing detergents and heavy duty cleaning solvents that effectively scrub and remove contaminants, soot, carbon build-up, and oily residue from the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, turbo, EGR, diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter and the exhaust system. These along with other active chemical agents, react with the gases created in the combustion process to remove the remaining inorganic deposits. This process restores their function and with regular use maintains efficiency.

As fuel is burned, contaminating byproducts are created that are circulated throughout various vehicle systems. These systems are designed to be able to handle this process during most normal engine operation. However, the use of poor quality fuel, short driving distance, cold weather, improper maintenance, and component failure can greatly increase the amount of contamination and deposits created inside these systems. Such factors can cause increased exhaust emissions, reduced fuel economy, lost power & performance, drivability issues, engine overheating, hard starts, check engine light illumination and premature engine wear.

  • Increases power, performance, mileage and saves fuel by not only cleaning the entire emissions & exhaust system, but the fuel system too.
  • Regular use every 5,000 miles tunes-up the fuel, emissions and exhaust system keeping clean and prevents excessive exhaust regeneration and the CEL light from returning.
  • Will not void manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty. Specifically designed and safe to use on vehicles which have DOC catalytic converters, DPF particulate filters, SCR selective catalytic reduction devices, or DEF systems.
  • Works with all ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel), regular diesel– off road for USA, biodiesel blends B2, B5, B20, DI (Direct Injected), common rail – another name for DI, IDI (Indirect Injected), TDI (Turbo Direct Injected), and turbocharged engines.
  • Diesel Regen Medic+®  is an Active DPF Regeneration Accelerator / DPF Regenerator / Cleaning Fuel Catalyst
  • Excellent for vehicles driven regularly at low speeds and short durations
  • Designed to perform for engines not continuously highway driven
  • Used regularly, Rislone DPF Clean will significantly reduce reliance on frequent highway driving to accelerate regeneration
  • Lowers ignition temperature inside DPF to burn soot and particulate matter, ideal for infrequent highway regeneration intervals
  • Proven effective in all diesel fuels and biodiesel fuels.


Add entire bottle of Diesel DPF, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner into approximately 1/4 full tank truck or large SUV, (1/2 full tank for car or small to mid-size SUV) of diesel fuel. Drive vehicle (ideally in a lower gear than you normally would) for 20 to 30 miles. Continue to drive vehicle normally and fill tank with diesel fuel. For vehicles with extremely dirty filters, a force regeneration may now be initiated. If light is still on, second application may be required, or mechanical attention is needed.

This bottle is designed to work in ALL diesel tanks including those with misfuelling devices (designed to prevent gasoline from accidently being installed in diesel fuels).

Rislone guarantees, with the proper use of this product, that your vehicle CEL light will turn off if the vehicle has a code listed below, it will pass that state emissions test and/or will clean the blocked DPF. Visit for details of product refund and requirements.
* OBD-II PID CODES P242F, P2002, P2459, P2463.

When the check engine light (CEL) or malfunction indicator light (MIL) illuminates, it has detected an engine system malfunction. Many auto parts stores offer free diagnostic trouble code (DTC) checks using the on board diagnostic (OBD) system, and inexpensive readers are available to purchase for do it yourself (DIY) checks. One of the most common diesel codes is P242F (along with related codes) for the emissions system that usually traces back to diesel particulate filter (DPF) efficiency. If the filter is dirty or bad, likely something else caused this. DPF CLEAN® Diesel DPF, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner not only helps with what may be causing the light to come on, but also the system that initiated the problem. Driving with CEL on can cause increased vehicle emissions, poor fuel mileage, reduced power, further engine damage beyond what the original problem is, and could eventually lead to vehicle breakdown. Sometimes the damage is so severe that cleaning will not help. For example, a DPF that has reached the end of its life and is full of ash. Or a sensor that is not dirty, but internally damaged. Your best chance of cleaning one of these systems is within the first few months of when the light comes on. However this formula can also work on a vehicle that has had the light on for years. Once the issue has been resolved, the light may continue to be on for a period of time. For some vehicles, it takes a few start/stop cycles for it to clear, others you may need to disconnect the battery for 15 minutes and leave the door open, then reconnect. See vehicle owners manual for resetting the CEL if applicable.

PENDING CODES / SOFT CODES—Can be intermittent or historically and do not affect current vehicle performance. Most of these type of DTC codes can be reset by disconnecting the vehicle battery, or removed with an OBD scan tool.
STORED CODES / HARD CODES—Situation is happening currently so if you try to erase code it will immediately return. These are usually Permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes (PDTC). Vehicle needs to be repaired or fault solved before code can be permanently erased.
P0470—Exhaust Pressure Sensor Malfunction and P0471—Exhaust Pressure Sensor Range / Performance codes if not repaired can cause soot blockage of the DPF.

Several states or regions require regular diesel emissions inspections before renewing vehicle plates or the first time registering. This can be based on the vehicle year or GVWR. During a visual inspection if there are missing or tampered emissions components – including an OBD-II check that finds an aftermarket tune – the test can be can be an automatic failure. Smoke opacity testing is done using either snap-idle or a dyno. Defective mechanical parts that have failed would be another reason. Many times, it does not take a mechanical issue to cause a failed result on a vehicle emissions test. If you are unsure your vehicle will pass, or maybe it barely passed the last test, we recommend a fresh oil change and emissions system cleaning with Rislone Diesel DPF, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner before testing. Other items to consider include air and fuel filter, if they are due for replacement. This gives your vehicle the best chance of passing



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