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DEF Crystal Clean™ Diesel DEF & SCR Emissions System Cleaner

  • Improves DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Clears P20EE & Other OBD Codes
  • Restores SCR Selective Catalyst Reduction
  • Cleans DEF Injector, Sender, Guaranteed
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High Mileage Transmission Stop Slip with Leak Repair

  • Eliminates Slipping
  • Quiets Noise
  • Fix Hard Shifting
  • Restores Transmission Performance
  • Excellent for Preventative Maintenance
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DPF Clean®Diesel DPF Exhaust Emissions Cleaner

  • Increases Power, Performance & Mileage
  • Less Frequent Regen Cycles
  • Clears P242F & Similar OBD II Codes
  • Clears Check Engine Light
  • Effective in All Diesel & Biodiesel Fuels
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Steering Stop Whine with Leak Repair

  • Quiets Noise
  • Stops Fluid Leaks
  • Fixes Hard Steering
  • Stabilizes Power Steering Fluid
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Hy-per Fuel Octane Booster

  • Real MMT Power Boost
  • Restores Lost Horsepower
  • Stops Engine Knocks & Pings
  • Legal for Street and Racing
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Hy-per Lube Zinc ZDDP Supplement

  • Real ZDDP Zinc
  • Increases Engine Life
  • Makes Newer Oils Work in Older Engines
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Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement

  • Extends Engine Life
  • Eliminates Dry Starts
  • Prevents Oil Breakdown
  • Reduces Friction & Wear
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Engine Treatment

  • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Quiets Noisy Lifters & Valves
  • Removes & Prevents Sludge
  • Keeps Engine Clean
  • XTREME LUBE® Maximum Performance
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Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner

  • Turn Off Check Engine Light
  • Clear P0420 & Other OBD Codes
  • Cleans & Restores Catalytic Converter
  • Reduces Emissions, Saves Gas
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Hy-per Fuel Injector Cleaner Concentrate

  • Maximizes Power & Mileage
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors
  • For Gasoline & Diesel Engines
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Hy-per Fuel Injector Cleaner Heavy Duty

  • Maximizes Power & Mileage
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors
  • For Gasoline & Diesel Engines
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Hy-per Diesel Complete Fuel System Treatment

  • Complete Fuel System Cleaner
  • Cetane Booster
  • Diesel Treatment
  • ULSD Sulfur Substitute Lubricity Additive
  • The Best Diesel Additive Money Can Buy
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Hy-per Fuel Complete Fuel System Cleaner

  • Complete Fuel System Cleaner
  • Octane Booster
  • Gas Treatment
  • Valve & Combustion Chamber Cleaner
  • The Best Gas Additive Money Can Buy
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100 Years of Performance, Efficiency and Longevity

When you’ve been in the chemical additive business for over a century, you  learn a thing or two.

Engine, transmission and fuel system technology changes – big time. The only way to stay on top of the game is to have a chemical engineering team that is a bunch of gearheads at heart. When engines change, new transmissions are developed (like continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and dual-clutch transmissions (DCT)), what worked in the past won’t work now. We know this because we stay on top of emerging automotive trends diligently.

We do it because it’s how we’ve become a global bestselling brand.

It’s also how our reputation of being the best additives on the market has been forged – by proving real results that far surpass what typical additives can provide.

Every Driving Situation is Different

A daily driver is different from a weekend warrior, and a weekend warrior is different from a race team or off-road club.

We have customers of all stripes, and one thing we’ve learned is that if you want to keep your car on the road and at peak performance for as long as possible, good quality fuel and oil are just the start.

We’ve talked to over 10,000 customers in our Customer Support Center over the years, and we’ve learned that every driver’s situation is different.

Different cars. Different reasons for driving. Different terrain, temperatures, and demands.

From all of this, we have developed a catalog of products that have faithful fans all over the world. We don’t make a product for every single possible application. We invest where we can provide real value to every type of driver.

We’ve been used by famous race teams, such as Bobby Unser Jr. back in 1968. We’ve been used by off-road clubs and drivers whose vehicle see long daily drives, all the way up to drivers who push their vehicles to the limits.

No matter your situation, there is Rislone product with proven quality that can help you keep your car running at its best.

Expect More

Like other products, not all additives are created equal.

Our first mission at Rislone states that customers should expect more from their additives. You should not be spending money for inferior formulas that don’t provide the protection or results they promise.

And after 100 years, we are proud to say we’ve succeeded in that mission.

Rislone. It’s time to expect more from your additives.