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Hy-per Cool Super Coolant

  • Reduces Engine Temperature
  • Prevents Overheating
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Great for Motorsports

Drop 30 degrees F with one bottle.

When you push your engine to the limit, high heat and mechanical stress become severe problems. An effective engine coolant additive helps more efficiently transfer heat to keep cylinder heads cool and reduce the likelihood of detonation, power loss and damage. When you’re in the market for the best way to eliminate overheating issues and extend the life of your engine, Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant is a track-proven, effective solution that’s applicable to any car and driving situation.

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Product Details

Part Number: HPC100

Dosage: Add one bottle to treat 12 to 20 quart systems.

Size: 16 FL. OZ. (473 mL)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Product Info

Rislone® Hy-per Cool™ Super Coolant contains very high cloud point surfactants designed to provide maximum wetting (coolant surface tension reduction) at normal and high cooling system operating temperatures. This supercharged coolant mixture eliminates bubbles, resulting in improved heat transfer to dissipate heat more efficiently in the entire cooling system. Real world and laboratory testing shows reduced engine temperatures by up to 30°F helping to prevent overheating. Super Coolant lubricates and protects the water pump, and helps prevent corrosion, erosion and electrolysis of all parts of the cooling system, including aluminum, plastics, rubber and more. Super Coolant works with all types and colors of glycol/water based coolants including yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, green regular silicate & non-silicate and extended life antifreeze. It also works great in systems containing only water.

Provides extra protection against higher engine temperatures. Up to 75°F lower cylinder head temperatures (CHT) enhance engine efficiency, proving better fuel economy, power and performance.

Use in gasoline classic cars, hot rods, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, automotive, heavy duty, diesel, powersports ATV, off road, racing, towing and most anything else with a cooling system.

Racing approved and safe to use from drag strips to the oval track. Contains no glycol. Provides no antifreeze protection. Always check for freeze protection if needed.

  • The Best Coolant Additive Money Can Buy
  • Reduces Engine Temperature
  • Prevents Overheating
  • Provides Maximum Corrosion Protection
  • Supercharges Cooling System Performance


Never remove radiator cap if engine is hot.

Add one bottle to treat 12 to 20 quart systems. For larger and smaller systems add 1 ounce per quart (4 ounces per gallon) of capacity. Can be added to overflow tank, but it will take 4 to 5 heating and cooling cycles for product to fully enter the system. For continued protection re-treat once per year, and every time changing coolant.

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Rislone products are available where auto parts are sold.

Current Deals

HPC100 & 4405 - $10.00 AutoZone

Purchase both the Hy-per Cool Super Coolant (HPC100) and the Hy-per Lube Zinc ZDDP Supplement (4405) together from AutoZone and receive a $10.00 rebate.


Customer Reviews

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“Hi there…   I use your super coolant in my hotrod. Great stuff!

-S. Krause