Heat Is the Enemy: Why You Should Fight High Operating Temps in Your Car

Most people don’t realize what heat does to your car, especially in hot temperatures. Should you be concerned? Yes, probably. Heat is the enemy of your car, especially in the summer, when operating temps can exceed normal range quite easily, especially if your cooling system isn’t up to par or you place a lot of demands on your car during summer driving. More on that last part later.

If things go really sideways with heat, we have seen customers with destroyed engine blocks, cylinder heads, cooling systems (radiators) and problems with other engine components.

Your dashboard temperature gauge is, of course, the first place to monitor your engine temperature, but even if it’s not technically overheated, it could be running in the mid- to mid-high range, and that’s when you can notice certain negative effects:

  • Noticeably worse performance
  • Decreased MPG
  • Sluggish throttle response
  • Fans running excessively

For many modern cars, the typical operating engine temperature is in the range of 190-225 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you have high-performance car with a digital display, your temperature gauge probably doesn’t get that specific. Instead, you will see markings for cold and hot at the extremes of the gauge and a “normal” range in the center. So in reality, with the middle area being a sort of mushy “it looks OK to me” range, most drivers have no idea what’s really happening with their car’s internal engine temperature.

Another quick note about your temperature gauge: it’s normal to see your needle fluctuate as you drive, especially if it’s hot outside. Things like using your air conditioning at max, stop-and-go driving in traffic on a hot day, and towing a load can raise the engine temperature towards the high side of normal, so don’t panic if there’s a small change in the gauge reading. It happens. 

So what do you do if you notice your engine temp starting to creep up? Conventional wisdom says to let the engine cool for a 45 minutes to one hour and check your coolant levels. You could also consider topping off your radiator with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water or a premixed coolant. Unfortunately, these are time-consuming and cumbersome.

In other words and in our experience, those measure are more of a band-aid than a legitimate solution.

All of this is why we developed Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant. We originally created it for racers and motorsport enthusiasts, as they push their cars hard on the track and absolutely cannot afford to deal with heat-related issues. But then we realized the our customer support team began handling customer calls with all sorts of “everyday” heat problems, so we expanded our Hy-per Cool Super Coolant to a broader retailer base.


So what does it do – in a nutshell, a single bottle:

  • Helps drop your car’s operating temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and
  • Reduces internal cylinder head temperature by up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit

Those are big numbers. Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant is the most potent coolant enhancer on the market, and it’s been proven time and time again on the race track.

What It Does and How It Works

Here’s the nerdy stuff. Even if you are not a tech nerd, it’s worth reading so you can understand exactly how a single bottle of  Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant will eliminate heat-related problems in your car forever.

On with the nerd stuff! 👇

This product contains very high cloud point surfactants designed to provide maximum wetting (coolant surface tension reduction) at normal and high cooling system operating temperatures. This supercharged coolant mixture eliminates bubbles, resulting in improved heat transfer to dissipate heat more efficiently in the entire cooling system. Real world and laboratory testing shows reduced engine temperatures by up to 30°F helping to prevent overheating. Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant lubricates and protects the water pump, and helps prevent corrosion, erosion and electrolysis of all parts of the cooling system, including aluminum, plastics, rubber and more. Super Coolant works with all types and colors of glycol/water based coolants including yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, green regular silicate & non-silicate and extended life antifreeze. It also works great in systems containing only water.

This formula also provides extra protection against higher engine temperatures. Up to 75°F lower cylinder head temperatures (CHT) enhance engine efficiency, proving better fuel economy, power and performance.

Who Can Use It

Well, basically anyone.

This formula is 100% effective in gasoline classic cars, hot rods, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, automotive, heavy duty, diesel, powersports ATV, off road, racing, towing and most anything else with a cooling system.

It is also racing-approved and safe to use from drag strips to the oval track. Contains no glycol. Provides no antifreeze protection, so always check for freeze protection if needed.

Questions About Your Particular Situation?

We have a US-based customer support team with real humans ready to help you M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM EST. No long menus, no automated bots. You can contact us here via web, or call us at 800-345-6572 and we’ll be happy to help. You can also message us on Facebook if that’s more your thing.