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CUSTOMER REVIEW: Rislone Complete Fuel System Treatment Helped My Car’s Stalling Problem

David E. S. from Kansas City recently dropped a message on our Facebook to give us this testimonial about Rislone Complete Fuel System Treatment:

We’ve had many customers tell us similar things – that their cars were running very poorly (for multiple reasons), and our product helped them restore it back to proper operation. Whether it’s a clogged injector, poor gas quality, or a dirty combustion chamber, Rislone Complete Fuel System Treatment has you covered. And it’s easy – use once every 5,000 miles. That’s it.

For nearly 100 years, our chemical engineers have been perfecting our automotive solutions through innovation and iteration. This has allowed us to create some of the best gasoline additives on the market. Our Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment gives several benefits:

  • It cleans: Our product is formulated with powerful cleaners that remove any dirt and contamination that had entered your fuel system. This includes your fuel tank, lines and injectors. Once removed from your system, these contaminants are broken down and pass through the combustion process to leave your fuel system clean with no deposits or build-up.
  • It improves: Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment improves the quality of gas by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, reducing spark knock, and helping to prevent the fuel from going bad. Simply put, it is the best all in one gasoline fuel additive money can buy.
  • It protects: We’ve taken care to engineer our gasoline engine additive to not only clean your fuel system and allow for improved performance and efficiency, but also help keep it clean. You’ll be protecting your fuel system for the long-haul and working to increase the longevity and dependability of your engine. Start now with your new car, as well as your older vehicles.

We’re convinced that we have the best gasoline additive on the market, thanks to the positive feedback we have from our customers around the world.


Easy Fixes for a Check Engine Light

4102That dreaded “Check Engine Light.” It comes on as if to taunt you, begging you to try and guess why it’s lit. With most modern vehicles, there are dozens of possible causes for a check engine light. Some of them are simple to fix, and some of them are much more serious and difficult to correct. In all cases, it’s important to understand why your check engine light is on and make sure there isn’t a serious problem with your car.

Here are some of the common causes and fixes for a check engine light:  Read More

What Are Some Benefits of Using an Engine Treatment?

Which engine treatment should you use? Should you use any? If you’ve perused the additives aisle of your local auto parts store lately, you know you’ve got a lot of choices and it’s hard to know which ones you really need.

One product category you may have a question about are engine treatments. While it’s not absolutely crucial to add an engine treatment to your vehicle, it can be extremely beneficial. Just like you want to put healthy things in your body to function at maximum efficiency, you want to put additives in your car that will help it run as smoothly as possible. This might seem like a faulty analogy, but it’s more true than some care to admit: what you feed your car matters. Garbage in, garbage out.

Read on to learn about the benefits of using an engine treatment, and why Rislone Engine Treatment, the product that made Rislone famous, is commonly known as a “tuneup in a bottle.”

What a Good Engine Treatment Can Do for You

The main functions of a quality engine treatment, like Rislone Engine Treatment and Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate, are to protect, clean and lubricate your engine. A lubricated engine is a happy engine, since friction is your engine’s greatest enemy (especially if you run a high-performance car). Rislone Engine Treatment boosts the lubricating power of your oil, reducing the wear of friction on your engine, which in turn quiets lifters, improves performance, smooths acceleration and increases efficiency.

At the same time, this treatment boosts and enhances the natural additives in your oil that protect your engine from dirt, debris and acid corrosion. In the chemistry world, that’s called a synergistic relationship, and we’ve engineered Rislone with that in mind.

Other Benefits of Engine Treatment

Using Rislone Engine Treatment on your car’s engine can also help you reduce and remove sludge buildup, make your lifters and valves quieter and generally reduce the wear on your engine — all things that you may not notice right away, but over time, you should appreciate the effect it has on your engine.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to the long-term health of your car’s engine, finding the Rislone products you need is easy. All you have to do is input your location information into this convenient Rislone locator now.
Before you purchase, if you have questions about our product, its formulation, or what you can expect from it, no worries. Hit us up on Facebook, or contact us via our website. We have a dedicated QA/Customer Support team who will be happy to help you out.

What Problems Do Engine Cleaners Solve?

100QRIf you’ve been looking through the auto additives aisle and wondering which products are the best for your car, you may have encountered products that advertise themselves as an engine cleaner. Do you actually need an engine cleaner? What problems do engine cleaners solve? Here’s what you need to know about engine cleaner products. We know, because we’ve been in the engine treatment business for over 90 years. Here’s what we’ve learned.

A Clean Engine Is a Protected Engine

The oil in your engine is designed to make sure it runs smoothly. However, there are dangers present in everyday driving (especially in dirty and harsh conditions) that could damage your engine, like dirt particles and debris that could scratch your engine’s internal component surfaces, or harmful acids that could cause corrosion damage. While your oil should naturally contain a certain level of additives that protect against these problems, a good engine treatment + cleaner that’s specially engineered to special lubrication standards helps prevent and protect against more serious and costly damage. Read More

Why Use an Engine Treatment?

There are a lot of gas and oil additives on the market, and it’s not always easy to know which ones you really need. One of the products that you may see often is an engine treatment. Do you need an engine treatment for your car? Well, ask yourself this: do you need to eat a healthy diet? If you want your body to perform at maximum efficiency, the answer is “yes,” and the same is true for your car. In a very real sense, your car is what you feed it, and enthusiasts have known this for years.

Is it absolutely critical to the operation of your car? No. But will your car look, sound and perform better when you add a quality engine treatment? Well, there’s a reason that Rislone Engine Treatment, the product that made Rislone a household name among those that know cars, used to be called “a tune-up in a bottle.” Today, Rislone is used by enthusiasts, racing clubs, off-road clubs, performance freaks and everyday commuters around the world.

Engine Treatment vs. Friction

Let’s put it this way: friction is your car’s sworn enemy, which is why you put oil in your car in the first place. A quality engine treatment product reduces friction by adding lubrication, while cleaning and protecting your engine with carefully designed additives created specifically for the health of your engine. The cooler an engine runs – in other words, the less friction it encounters – the better performance, acceleration and efficiency it will return. Read More