Our Products

For any repair, performance or maintenance you need for your vehicle, Rislone has an inventory of products for various problems you may face. For example, we offer the following when it comes to proven, effective cooling system repairs:

Product Specifications

Our Cooling System Repair, Liquid Aluminum Stop Leak, Radiator Stop Leak (6 to 8 Cylinder) and our Radiator Stop Leak (4 Cylinder) all perform effective, long-lasting repairs and stop mild to moderate leaks. Our other products, including the Radiator 10 Minute Flush and Super Radiator Flush, clean and offer preventative maintenance for your car.

We help you maintain and improve the ability of your car when your cooling system leaks — but we offer it at a fraction of the cost compared to relying on a mechanic or dealer. If you can open the hood of your car and unscrew a bottle, you can make any repair with Rislone products. We've been making "3 minute mechanics" out of millions of customers for decades, so we know a thing or two about chemical repair technology.

How Our Liquid Technology Supports You

Making repairs in minutes with our cooling system solutions allows for minimal car downtime, and it's easy on your budget, too. Cooling systems often act up and leak when temperatures reach high or low extremes. Rislone is here to help you prepare your vehicle for winter and summer, especially if you’re taking a road trip. Rislone is also known to handle the harshest environments out there, so heavy duty applications aren't a problem either.

Long adventures in your car can be an amazing experience, but they're also a time when your vehicle can develop radiator and cooling system problems due to high heat. If you rather not spend time and money on calling a tow truck and having a hefty mechanic bill, trust Rislone’s cooling systems liquids. Having cooling products on-hand to use is ideal for unexpected situations, and it’s a good idea to keep them stocked up for when the need arises. Remember, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Prepare for Cooling Leaks With Rislone

Known for our stop leak technology worldwide, Rislone has more than 95 years of experience in the industry. We sell chemical technology proven to fix your cooling system problems reliably and at a cost-effective price. When you repair problems on your own time, you can decrease downtime with our safe and quick solutions. We uphold a reputation of evolved chemical technology that we adapt to modern auto standards and car engines.

You too can become a “three-minute mechanic” when you buy our time-tested formulas. Contact a Rislone representative online if you would like to learn more about our cooling system solutions or visit our distributor’s page.