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The capabilities of Rislone engine products range from preventative maintenance, performance, repair and increased compression to stopping leaks and smoking, as well as improving cleaning and lubrication. To gain a better insight of what our engine oil treatment, fuel treatment and repair products provide, click on the product tab for more detail.


Our Engine Treatment Concentrate has lubricating, preventative maintenance, cleaning and performance features for an unparalleled engine oil additive - it's the concentrated version of the product that has won Rislone countless awards. For example, the chemical technology we have developed reduces wear and friction and keeps your engine clean for optimal running conditions, whether your racing or commuting.


Our Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate also removes and prevents sludge and reduces noise from your engine’s lifters and valves, all while improving response and fuel efficiency.


How We Address Problems With Your Oil and Engine


Rislone’s family of car engine oil additives offer metal protection, reduced friction, engine cleaning, sludge reduction, ZDDP level boosting and compression repair for older engines. We are a leader in engine oil treatments with more than 95 years of experience under our belt. Rislone’s purpose is to support you in not only maintaining your vehicle but also improving its performance and making maintenance easy and affordable.


Our chemical engineering methods evolve with the ever-changing auto industry standards and are adapted to modern car engines, whether they're turbocharged, supercharged, direct-injected or diesel. We have a reputation for our quality products that work because of our expertise and time-tested formulas. Rislone engineers understand innovation takes time, so we strive to be the best when we commit to a product. We might not always be the first to rush a product to market, because we simply refuse to release a product that's not the best in its class.


Without proper care, your vehicle’s engine can degrade. We are here to help you maintain it, so it ages well. You can fix any engine problem in a cost-effective manner which results in reduced downtime. We are the leader in engine treatments used by race teams, off-road clubs and car enthusiasts worldwide.


Find the Rislone Engine Oil Treatment That's Right for You


If you need help determining which solution best works for your situation, contact us online. We're happy to help. We provide affordable, safe and fast resolutions so you can fix your engine problems on your own time. You can also visit our distributor’s page.


Our experts are here to support you with any engine repair solution, regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive.
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