Our Products

If you are looking to increase your car’s fuel efficiency as well as boost power and have lower exhaust emissions for your vehicle, Rislone’s car fuel treatment solutions are the #1 pick among enthusiasts (whether you're running petrol or diesel). We offer:

Our solutions address problems with your car’s fuel and performance, like poor L/100km, sluggishness, reduced power and rough start and idle. Our products include award-winning solutions that cover common aspects such as preventative maintenance, cleaning, performance enhancement, lubrication and even stopping noises and smoking.

The Famous Rislone Petrol Fuel System Treatment

Our mission is to help you with preventative maintenance, cleaning and reducing noise levels when it comes to your fuel system and its performance. For example, we've developed the Petrol Fuel System Treatment which is essentially eight additives in one complete package. This product contains an octane booster, upper cylinder lubricant, fuel stabilizer, petrol dryer and fuel injector cleaner - among other things. It's the single best step you can take to improve the quality of your car’s fuel.

Rislone's Petrol Fuel System Treatment and Diesel Fuel System Treatment are award-winning for their chemical innovation, both receiving a US-based PTEN Innovation Award in 2013. You can use it several times a year, such as every 8,000 kilometers. If you run diesel, the Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment also contains a cetane booster and prevents fuel gelling.

How Our Fuel Solutions Help Your Vehicle Last

By using our fuel products, you can become a “three-minute mechanic” and resolve many fuel-related problem at a fraction of the cost of relying on a trip to the mechanic or dealer. Rislone’s fuel and diesel treatments help you preserve and advance the performance of your vehicle by staying abreast of fuel system maintenance, instead of letting problems sideline your car - and your life.

We have more than 95 years of expertise in the industry, and our safe and cost-effective chemical technology solutions prevent downtime. Our high reputation comes about because of our innovation, adaptation and evolution of time-tested formulas. Without proper care, your fuel systems can degrade over time, but we continually strive to provide solutions to keep you running at peak performance. It's a relief knowing you can increase the performance of your fuel in one easy step.

Rely on the Professionals at Rislone

A Rislone professional can assist you in finding the correct vehicle fuel treatment solution when you contact us online. Purchase what you need by referring to a representative or click on each tab for more details about each treatment. You can also visit our distributor’s page for more information. We develop products that work, and we have the testimonials to back it up.

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