Testimonial: Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with UCL

We’ve just received a great customer email about our Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with UCL (p/n 4701), which we introduced to improve gas quality, reduce spark knock and serve as an overall fuel conditioner. George R. from New Castle, PA writes:

I used to use Rislone in my oil years ago and have not seen it for my fuel injectors. I had a “service engine soon” light come on around Christmas time, nice time for that to happen, so to the auto parts store I went. They checked it on the computer and said it was an 02 sensor.

Well I saw this bottle of Rislone complete fuel system cleaner and conditioner and reconizing the name, I purchased the bottle and drove to the gas station, put it in, filled my tank and after only 75 miles the light turned off and have not seen it since. I will continue to use Rislone in my vehicle. This stuff really works. I purchased it at Advance Auto in New Castle, PA.

Thanks George for choosing Rislone. It’s true that Rislone made its name from its engine treatment product (the now-famous 100QR), but our line of new fuel products has won awards and customer praise alike. We’re geeked that you found the product so helpful.

Thanks for sharing!

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