Liquid Aluminum Cooling System Stop Leak

Does a coolant leak set you into a panic? When most of us see coolant on the ground, we start to see dollar signs, or immediately wonder how life is going to be with a car in the shop. You need to have your car towed to a garage or dealership, inspected by a mechanic, and replace a bunch of costly components. Thankfully, that’s not the only solution.

Here at Rislone, we have been taking care of engine fluid leaks and performance issues for over 95 years – especially when it comes to cooling systems. Our proven Rislone Liquid Aluminum Cooling System Stop Leak product makes quick work of sealing radiator and cooling system leaks to get you back on the road with little expense…

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Pelletized Radiator Heavy Duty Stop Leak

Radiator leaks can be very overwhelming, especially when you don’t have the time or money to take your car to the repair shop. Well, it’s time to ease your worries because we have created this fast and easy-to-use product that seals internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks.

Our Rislone Pelletized Radiator Heavy Duty Stop Leak is specially formulated to seal larger leaks better than other stop leak products. It works safely and effectively on plastic, aluminum and metal radiators, heater cores, gaskets and freeze plugs. It also has a water pump lube that lubricates water pump seals and inhibits the formation of rust and scale.

In under an hour, you can quickly and easily solve that once-dreaded leaky radiator. Give it a try and get your show…

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Cooling System Repair

A healthy cooling system is critical to keeping your engine running properly. If excess heat isn’t removed from your engine, it can cause premature wear and early failure. Over time, depleted coolant can cause deposits, corrosion and wear that can lead to leaks and even engine damage. Don’t wait until you have a major coolant leak to take action. Instead, turn to Rislone and our Cooling System Repair solution today to keep your cooling system working the way it should. For over 95 years, Rislone has been a top name in engine treatment products and our Cooling System Repair is one of our proven innovations, with tens of thousands of Canadian customers.

Anyone can use it — simply add a bottle to your radiator or…

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Radiator Stop Leak

Noticing a puddle of fluid under your car is never a good way to start your day. What you need is a safe and easy way to stop that leak so you can get on with your day as planned. Our Rislone Radiator Stop Leak will do just that.

This product is specially designed to stop minor cooling system leaks and drips caused by normal cooling system wear and age. It works with ALL types and colors of antifreeze coolant and/or water.

Before you know it, you’ll stop that leak and get your car back on the road. Yes, you. No mechanic required.…

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