Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair

What it's for:
  • engine
What it does:
  • Stops Leaks
  • Repairs
  • Stops All Oil Leaks
  • Seals Rear Main, Cam Seal and Timing Cover Leaks
  • Restores Shrunk and Hardened Seals
  • Use in Gasoline & Diesel Engines
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Have you noticed oil leaking from your car lately? That might be due to worn or dried seals. There’s no need to worry or spend your money on a costly repair bill, however. Our Rislone Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair quickly and safely restores those seals so you can get back on the road and back to your life.

Most rear main seal leaks are caused by a combination of normal wear in the crankshaft and seal and the drying, hardening and shrinking of the main seal. Rislone Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair restores the seal to like-new condition and also contains additives to stop leaks in severely worn seals and crankshafts. Not to mention, it works with ALL gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high kilometer and synthetic oil.

You can trust that our products are the fastest, safest way to get your car back on the road — we’ve been proving that since 1921. Give Rislone a shot and avoid that dreaded trip to the repair shop once and for all.

Part Number: 34240
Dosage: One bottle treats 4 to 6 liters of oil. Larger systems use 1 bottle for every 5 liters of oil capacity.
Size: 500mL

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