Cooling System Repair

What it's for:
  • Cooling System
What it does:
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Stops Leaks
  • Repairs
  • Restores Performance
  • Reduces Antifreeze Loss and Costly Breakdowns
  • Stops Coolant Leaks & Overheating
  • Adds Protection
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We know it can be frustrating when you are in a rush and notice a puddle of fluid under your car. We’ve been there. Questions start running through your mind: Where could that leak be coming from? Will I make it to my appointment on time? Do I even have the time or money to take my car to the shop? Luckily for you, we have the perfect product to help you get back on the road and back to your life.

Our Rislone Cooling System Repair has twice the performance of other products by not only stopping cooling system leaks, but adding future protection. It is scientifically formulated to stop coolant leaks, thereby reducing antifreeze loss, while correcting other cooling system problems helping to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. In addition, Cooling System Repair contains Xtreme Cool™ which stops overheating and reduces water temperature.

Our product will help you keep cool so you can quickly and safely get your car back on the road. It’s worked for hundreds of thousands of customers. It’s time to let it work for you.

Part Number: 31150
Dosage: 1 bottle treats systems up to 15 liters.
Size: 500mL

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