Pelletized Radiator Heavy Duty Stop Leak (31191)

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What it's for:
  • Cooling System
What it does:
  • Lubricates
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Stops Leaks
  • Original Pelletized Formula
  • Stops Current and Future Leaks
  • Inhibits Rust and Corrosion
  • Works with All Types of Antifreeze or Water
  • Can Rislone be installed in existing antifreeze?

    Yes, this product is specifically designed to be directly added to the cooling system with out having to flush out the antifreeze.

  • Will Rislone work in the new extended life antifreeze?

    Yes, Rislone is compatible with both conventional silicate-based and extended life (OAT/HOAT) antifreeze, all types and colours. Can also be used in straight water.

  • How does Rislone work?

    Rislone will seal external, internal and coolant to oil leaks. Once installed, the Rislone particles shrink up to 15 percent. On an external leak, the tiny particles flow to the point of the leak. They then collect at the outside of the seepage and build inward. Internal leaks, the Bars Leaks particles will burn when subjected to the 2,500°C degree heat of the combustion chamber to seal head gasket seepage and small cracks. On coolant to oil leaks, where coolant can seep into the crankcase contaminating the oil, the tiny Rislone particles will seal the pores in cast iron and aluminum preventing seepage.

  • How long does it take for the Rislone to work?

    We recommend you drive / idle vehicle for 15 to 30 minutes. In most cases the leak will be sealed within this amount of time. If the leak is not sealed, a second application maybe required.

  • Will Rislone plug my heater core?

    No, the tiny particles will pass through a 24-gauge mesh screen which is the spec for the BIG 3 car/truck manufacturers. They say that any product installed in the cooling system must pass through this screen. Rislone is the only stop leak to pass this test and to be approved by the vehicle manufacturers.
    Note: If using Rislone to stop heater core leaks, make sure you turn your heater control to HOT. Some vehicles have a valve that controls coolant flow through the core.

  • How do I pre-dissolve pellets?

    The easiest way is to pour the liquid from bottle into the radiator and then add hot water to the pellets in the bottle. Shake bottle for a few minutes to dissolve pellets.

  • What are the dosage recommendations?

    Use 1 bottle for 6, 8 and 10 cylinder gas or diesel engines. For 3, 4 and 5 cylinder engines, use ½ of liquid and pellets. One bottle treats systems up to 15 liters. For larger systems use one bottle for every 12 liters of cooling system capacity.

  • I accidentally added the Rislone Heavy Duty Stop Leak to my overflow / reservoir what should I do?

    It is our recommendation to drain and flush the overflow reservoir then install the product directly into the radiator.

  • I accidentally added the Rislone Pelletized Stop Leak into my engine oil, what should I do?

    Rislone Pelletized Stop Leak is only designed to be added to the cooling system. If the product is installed in the engine oil and the engine has not been started, in many cases you can remove the valve cover and drain the oil leaving the drain plug off. Then use an engine flush washing out the head keeping special attention to the oil return holes that run down to the oil pan. Clean these out and pour the engine flush down these holes flushing everything into the oil pan and out the drain hole. If the engine has been run, you need to take the vehicle to have a professional mechanic evaluate what can be done to clean the inside of the engine. This might include taking the engine apart to clean all of the parts.

Radiator leaks can be very overwhelming, especially when you don’t have the time or money to take your car to the repair shop. Well, it’s time to ease your worries because we have created this fast and easy-to-use product that seals internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks.

Our Rislone Pelletized Radiator Heavy Duty Stop Leak is specially formulated to seal larger leaks better than other stop leak products. It works safely and effectively on plastic, aluminum and metal radiators, heater cores, gaskets and freeze plugs. It also has a water pump lube that lubricates water pump seals and inhibits the formation of rust and scale.

In under an hour, you can quickly and easily solve that once-dreaded leaky radiator. Give it a try and get your show back on the road in no time.

Part Number: 31191
Dosage: Use 1 bottle for 6, 8 and 10 cylinder gas or diesel engines. For 4 cylinder engines, use ½ of liquid and pellets. One bottle treats systems up to 15 litres.
Size: 325ml
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