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The Straight Scoop on ZDDP (Zinc) Additives


Hi Rislone. The waters are really muddy right now as far as newer oils without ZDDP, and even with the zinc additive. I have procured gallons of your Rislone with ZDDP trying to protect my older engines. Having some older MGs, I keep up with the latest gossip on a very popular MG forum in the old T car section (TA TC TD TF).

In the latest issue of the New England MG T Register’s Sacred Octagon, there was an article, “Show me the ZINC�:
“During a conversation with Bob Wagner, owner of Wagner Motor Sports in Atlanta, the question about inc levels in oil came up. I told him I have been using Valvolene 20W–50 VR1 (racing oil) in five of my seven British…