Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair Makes Marriage Happy Again


We got a LOT of customer emails and testimonials, but this one takes the cake. In it, Richard H. from Memphis, TN talks about how Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair (p/n 4416) made his home happy again after a mower incident. Here’s what Richard writes:

While in the hospital my wife loaned my new craftsman 20 hp. lawn mower to a friend. After I returned home I started my mower and I almost choked with smoke. I have no idea what she did? I was not happy. I reminded her that I never loan tools to anyone, which she already knew!

I was replacing plugs and adding oil non stop. I used your product (ring seal) and the smoking stopped, oil remained at the full mark and plugs were not fouled. My lawn mower regained full power and now runs like new. I did not have to spend 2k for a new mower thanks to your product. I am still in shock, every time I check the oil level it is still at the full level. Thanks to “ring seal” I am a happy man again.

We’re happy you’re happy, Richard. There’s an old southwest Detroit proverb that says, “happy wife, happy home.” We think it applies to mowers too.

Cheers, and thanks for writing us!

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