“Bob Negativity” Says, “This Is Simply the Best Fuel Additive I Have Ever Used!”

4700-website-PNGBob G. from Rogers, AR just sent us this testimonial. It’s important to note that Bob calls himself “Mr. Negativity” because he’s a self-proclaimed cynic, and he’s also a Six Sigma Black Belt. In other words, Bob is one of the toughest, smartest and most skeptical customers around.

Here’s what he says about our Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment (p/n 4700):

My friends and co-workers look to me when they need a logical straight forward position as to why urban myths in life and the work place are not true. I am a sceptic and often refered to as “Bob Negativity.” I believe in fact(s), not opinion and am a Six Sigma Black Belt. Enough said about proving what a cynic I am.

I have tried many types of fuel system cleaners, probably every one at least once. After I refill the tank, the improvement is gone along with the octane bounce in the additive. I had not seen your Rislone 2 part Fuel System Treatment (4700) until 2 weeks ago. I thought at least I would get an octane bump and this would be the last treatment attempt before I purchased new injectors for my 2004 Excursion 5.4L Gas engine. It just ran rough, idled poorly. (Forget gas milage, it’s an Excursion.) I had 1/2 a tank of gas (22 galons) and I poured in one bottle and within 10 min. of driving the engine with 170K miles of powering my overweight beast suddenly ran smooth.

Again, allow me to re-introduce myself: Bob Negativity.

Two tanks of gas later (sadly 10 days), the engine is still running smooth, and idle is like new. THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST FUEL SYSTEM ADDITIVE I HAVE EVER USED! I will be treating my 86 300E, 99 Taurus Duratec, 93 Mustang Conv., 04 Pacifica next week. I believe quality is not an accident — it only occurs with care, attention and proven controls in place. I am now going to buy 4 bottles of your 4401 “Zinc oil treatment”. This time with the trust of knowing you are a quality company. Based on the preformance and price of the product may I add lean.

Sincerely, Bob “Negativity”, your new loyal customer

Bob, many thanks for writing in to tell us about yourself and your experience. Anytime we can prove our products to a skeptic and educated, fact-driven customer, we all high-five ourselves. It’s why we’re in business.

Rock on, Bob, and please keep spreading the word about Rislone fuel products. We’re not the first to the fuel game, but we’re aiming to be the best.

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