Testimonial: “Many thanks for creating something that actually works.”

Fred V. from Edmonton, Alberta CA wrote us over the weekend. This is what he said:

4701-website-PNGWe have a 2001 Chrysler 300m and the fuel pump gauge started to ping and drop to empty and then back up again. It did this for approx. the first 1/4 tank after filling. I found out that the fuel pump had a sensor that registers the amount of fuel in the tank and this cannot be replaced by itself….the whole pump has to be replace at a cost of around $600. (the gas tank has to be dropped).

I tried several fuel conditioners and they did not work. Then I ran into yours and noticed that the label did say that it cleans fuel pumps. So I thought I would try it and after 8000 kms from using the first bottle (as per the instructions on the bottle) and using the 2nd, the condition disappeared and it’s been good since. So many thanks for creating something that actually works. But then, you folks have been at it for a long time. — Fred

First of all, thanks for taking the time to write, Fred. We love hearing stories like this.

Second, the product Fred is talking about is our Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with UCL. It saved Fred $600, and it can help your car whether your facing an expensive repair or not. We’ve gotten calls from car clubs and racing enthusiasts about this product, so we’re pretty thrilled it’s being noticed for standing out above the others.

Thanks again for contacting us,  Fred.

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