Super Radiator Flush (41201)

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What it's for:
  • Cooling System
What it does:
  • Cleans
  • Use every time when changing antifreeze
  • Do I have to drain my radiator first?

    Yes, per the label directions you are supposed to drain the system and install just water.

  • Do these contain acid?

    No, and it requires no neutralizing.

  • Can this be used with copper, aluminum and plastic radiators?

    Yes, since this contains no acid, you can use in old and newer vehicles with copper, aluminum and plastic radiators.

  • How much do I put in my radiator?

    1 bottle treats a standard passenger vehicle/light truck. Use every time you change your antifreeze.

  • Will Rislone Radiator Flush hurt my cooling system?

    No, Rislone Super Radiator Flush is a non-acid formula and is safe to use on all cooling system materials. It is harmless to all parts of the cooling system, including aluminum.

  • What are the dosage recommendations?

    Use one 650 mL bottle of Super Radiator Flush, part number 41201, for every 12 litres.

Rislone SUPER RADIATOR FLUSH will help your cooling system by removing deposits that build up over time causing overheating. Heavy Duty formulation is specifically designed to clean solder bloom, oily residue, rust and scale. Harmless to all parts of the cooling system, including copper and aluminum. Non-acid formula is safe to use on all cooling system materials.

Part Number: 41201
Dosage: Use one bottle of Super Radiator Flush for every 12 litres of capacity.
Size: 650 mL

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