Liquid Aluminum Stop Leak (41186)

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What it's for:
  • Cooling System
What it does:
  • Repairs
  • Stops Leaks
  • Safe to Use and Seals Instantly
  • Stops Coolant Leaks, Guaranteed
  • Contains Xtreme Cool
  • Stops Overheating and Reduces Temperature
  • Can Rislone® Liquid AluminumTM be installed in existing antifreeze coolant?

    Yes, Liquid Aluminum™ is specifically designed to be directly added to the cooling system without having to flush out the antifreeze. It also can be used in water alone. But if using in water, it is recommended that another bottle of Liquid AluminumTM be added to the system once antifreeze is installed.

  • Will it work in the new extended life antifreeze?

    Yes, Liquid Aluminum™ is compatible with both conventional, green or blue (silicate-based) and extended life red/orange or yellow (OAT/HOAT) antifreeze.

  • Do I need to drain my cooling system after using Liquid Aluminum™?

    No, this product is designed to be left in the cooling system to protect from future leaks and overheating.

  • How long does it take to see results?

    We recommend you drive/idle the vehicle for 10 to 20 minutes. In most cases the leak will be sealed instantly, but others will require up to 20 minutes. If the leak is not sealed in 20 minutes, a second application may be required or mechanical repair may be needed.

  • Will Liquid Aluminum™ plug my heater core?

    No, Rislone® Liquid Aluminum™ Cooling System / Radiator Stop Leak product is part of the next generation stop leak line which is certified to be used in all cooling system types. It is guaranteed to safely and easily seal leaks in plastic, aluminum and metal (copper / steel) radiators, heater cores, gaskets and freeze plugs. Note: If using Rislone® to stop heater core leaks, make sure you turn your heater control to HOT. Some vehicles have a valve that controls coolant flow through the core and is only opened in the HOT position.

  • What are the dosage recommendations?

    Use 1 (one) bottle for regular size cooling systems, this covers most 4, 6, 8 and 10 cylinder engines. For small cooling systems, such as 4 cylinders with no air conditioning, install 1⁄2 (half) of bottle. For larger systems, use 1 (one) bottle for every 15 litres of cooling system capacity.

  • How does Xtreme Cool™ make the vehicle run cooler?

    The Xtreme Cool™ additive in Liquid Aluminum™ reduces the surface tension of coolant increasing the wetting ability. This improves heat transfer reducing coolant temperature helping to prevent overheating and leaks.

  • Can I install Liquid Aluminum™ in my overflow reservoir?

    Yes, if direct access to the radiator cap is not available, install in overflow tank.

  • Will this work in both domestic and import cars and trucks?

    Yes, Liquid Aluminum™ will work in all types of water cooled vehicles.

  • I accidentally added the Liquid Aluminum™ into my petrol tank, what should I do?

    Liquid Aluminum™ is only designed to be added to the cooling system. If the product is accidentally installed in the petrol tank, the tank should be removed and cleaned out by a professional mechanic.

  • I accidentally added the Liquid Aluminum™ into my engine oil, what should I do?

    If the product is accidentally installed in the engine oil and the engine has not been started, in many cases you can remove the valve cover where installed and drain the oil leaving the drain plug off. Then use an engine flush washing out the head giving special attention to the oil return holes that run down to the oil pan. Clean these out and pour the engine flush down these holes flushing everything into the oil pan and out the drain hole. If the engine has been run, the vehicle needs to be towed to a professional mechanic for evaluation. This might include taking the engine apart to clean all of the internal parts.

Some of the best recipes only require two key ingredients to make them the favorite dish at the dinner table. We might not have professional chefs at our company, but we do have a powerful team of product engineers who constantly experiment to give you the best stop leak products in the industry. And that’s exactly what happened with our Rislone Liquid Aluminum Cooling System Radiator and Heater Core Stop Leak.

The two key ingredients in this product are Liquid Aluminum™ and Xtreme Cool™. Liquid Aluminum™ is part of the next-generation stop leak line which not only seals leaks, but also conditions the system. It also contains Xtreme Cool™ which stops overheating and reduces water temperature. The mixture of these two formulas is guaranteed to safely and easily seal leaks in plastic, aluminum and metal radiators, heater cores, gaskets and freeze plugs.

That means that the next time you notice your radiator is leaking all you have to do is grab one of these bottles, open the hood of your car and follow our the instructions on the bottle. It’s time to get your car back on the road.

Part Number: 41186
Dosage: Use 1 (one) bottle for 6, 8 and 10 cylinder engines. Add ½ bottle for 4 cylinder engines. For larger systems, use 1 bottle for every 12 liters of cooling system capacity.
Size: 479 g
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