Product Update: Rislone Engine Treatment Gets a New Package and Becomes More Cost-Effective

Powerful concentrated formula offers improved performance in a new package while giving customers more versatility with installation

For more than 100 years, Rislone Engine Treatment has improved motor oil performance to better clean and protect engines. It’s become a legend in the automotive world, working flawlessly for daily commuters all the way up to motorsports teams.

To offer customers greater versatility at a lower cost, Rislone is moving to a more concentrated product in a smaller bottle. A 16.9 fl. oz. bottle of Maximum Performance Engine Treatment (p/n 4102) replaces the quart-size (p/n 100QR) in the Rislone lineup, delivering the same proven performance for both new and classic vehicles.

image showing old and new bottle of Rislone Engine Treatment

“Quart sizes of engine additives were preferable when consumers bought individual quarts of oil for every oil change. They could just swap a quart of oil for a quart of Engine Treatment. Now that they’re buying larger jugs of oil, we can replace the quart size Engine Treatment with one that offers the same performance in a smaller, more cost-effective formula,” explains Clay Parks, vice president of development for Rislone. “Customers can add a full bottle of Rislone Engine Treatment at every oil change and can use it at any time to clean and stop engine noises, like a sticky lifter.”

Rislone Engine Treatment is formulated to reduce engine friction and wear; quiet noisy lifters and valves; remove and prevent sludge; and keep engines clean. The Rislone formula has evolved through the years to stay ahead of engine oil technology.

In the updated package, the concentrated formula contains high-quality penetrating oil combined with protective engine additives and special cleaning agents to help motor oil flow freely, which provides engine protection over a broader temperature range and helps mitigate the effects of LSPI (low-speed pre-ignition) in newer direct-injection engines. Rislone Engine Treatment penetrates valve lifters, bearing surfaces, and piston rings to remove and prevent sludge and varnish.

The recommended dosage of Rislone Engine Treatment is one bottle for 4- to 6-quart systems in passenger cars and light trucks. For larger systems, such as for diesel trucks and stationary engines, one bottle treats every 5 quarts of oil capacity. It is compatible with conventional, high-mileage and synthetic engine oil in all gasoline, diesel, and turbo engines.

Like all Rislone products, Maximum Performance Engine Treatment is made in the U.S.A., with U.S.A.-sourced oil. It’s an American product through and through.