What Problems Do Cleaning Your Fuel Injectors and Fuel System Solve?

It goes without saying that your fuel system and fuel injectors are extremely important to your car’s overall functioning. Your car depends on its fuel injectors (and overall fuel system) to deliver fuel to your engine and optimize performance and efficiency. Since they’re so important, if you’re having problems with your car (especially rough starts, poor idle, sluggish performance or decreased MPG), you may be wondering if your fuel injectors are the problem. Here is what we typically hear about when we talk to customers about fuel system problems:

  • Power Loss: Power loss, as well as alternating high and low engine revving, can be a clear sign of fuel injector problems. This particular problem can be a result of your fuel injectors being clogged or dirty, which impedes fuel delivery.
  • Misfiring Engine: An engine that misfires may be doing so because your fuel injector valves are not opening or closing correctly, or are leaking fuel. These fuel injector problems are also likely to lead to poor gas mileage performance (lower MPG ratings).
  • Smoke Emissions (for diesel owners): Smoke emissions, along with general poor engine performance, may be a result of poor-quality diesel fuel which, in turn, clogs fuel injectors.

Fuel Injector Treatment

If your fuel injectors are the cause of any of the problems above, there are two ways to treat the problem: replace your fuel injectors or clean them. Replacing fuel injectors can be a costly process and is usually not necessary. Cleaning is a much better option – fast, cheaper, and if you use the right solution, very effective.

While there are many additives on the market that will help keep your fuel injectors clean, Rislone offers a Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment that not only cleans your fuel injectors and keeps them clean, but can also enhance other aspects of your fuel system that have become dirty due to low-quality fuel and fuel injector problems. This complete gasoline fuel system treatment is easy to use, and will eliminate engine noise and engine smoking while simultaneously improving the quality of your gas and helping your car use fuel more efficiently.

To find out more about obtaining Rislone Complete Fuel System Gasoline Treatment, as well as other products that can help improve the life of your car engine, simply locate a Rislone products dealer near you.

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