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Tips for Getting Your Boat’s Engine Ready For Summer

Believe it or not, we get customers hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook all the time with boat questions.

If you have a boat, you probably can’t wait for summer to roll around so you can get that thing out onto the water. But if you really want to enjoy your boat this summer, don’t just rush out there. If you take care of your boat now, it stands a much better chance of serving you well all summer long. Getting a boat ready for summer doesn’t have to turn into an expensive chore. If you have the initiative, there’s plenty you can do fairly easily to get your boat ready for summer. Here are some of the top boat upkeep tips…

Cheat Sheet: The Best Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer

Your vehicle is an investment, so what can you do to make the most of your car? This is something we hear from customers on our support lines and at trade shows all the time.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make your car last longer. Regular care and maintenance both go a long way to getting more years out of the life of your ride. Here are seven simple things every vehicle owner needs to do for a more extended return on their purchase.

1. Keep It Cool

The cooling system on your vehicle helps protect your engine from damage – it’s one of the most overlooked systems on your car. Those who know how to make a vehicle last longer…

Your Summer Car Maintenance Schedule

Your Summer Car Maintenance Schedule
It’s always important to follow the maintenance schedule outlined by your vehicle’s manufacturer – you can typically find that in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer knows what it takes to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Before the hot summer months hit, there are a few additional maintenance items you should consider looking at. A little bit of planning can help you avoid surprises with your car as you head out on vacation and enjoy the warm weather of summer. Trust us, we get a lot of calls from customers about how to handle the summer heat – from both maintenance and performance aspects.
Some Performance Tips for Summer
Getting the best performance out of…

Engine Mods That Actually Work

If you’re going to the trouble and expense of modding your car, you want your mods to actually deliver real-world gains. Adding significant performance to your vehicle can be a challenge (in terms of time and money), so it takes some careful research and planning. When all the work is done and you take your vehicle out to experience the performance improvements the first time, it’s all worth it, though.

We’ve put together this list of engine and vehicle mods that have been proven to work and make your car a lot more fun to drive. This is based on our own experience, and what our customers talk to us about on our tech lines and at annual auto shows like SEMA and the Woodward…

Affordable Ways to Increase Engine Horsepower

Let’s be real: we’re all looking for extra power. Getting the most out of your engine and vehicle gives you better performance and can make driving more enjoyable. Here at Rislone, our customers want the best in performance, reliability and fuel economy. While significant horsepower gains come from power adders like superchargers and turbochargers, there are ways to get the most out of your engine without breaking the bank. Consider these five ways to get more power out of your engine:

Cold-air intake (CAI): A cold-air intake kit reduces the temperature of the incoming air and provides more intake airflow, which provides more oxygen for combustion. Your car’s ECU (computer) will add more fuel to match the increase in oxygen, resulting in a noticeable…

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