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Where the Legend Began: Rislone Engine Treatment Products


Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. Whether it’s a gas or diesel engine, you want the best performance, longevity and reliability. The best way to ensure you’re getting all of this out of your engine is to consider the different ways that Rislone engine treatment products can benefit your car:

  • Maintenance: Taking care of your engine’s maintenance isn’t just about changing the oil and filters and fixing what breaks. It’s about using the best engine oil additive for maximum protection against wear and damage. At Rislone, we have spent nearly 100 years perfecting our unique engine treatment products to provide the best protection anywhere.
  • Performance: Engine performance is in part related to minimizing the amount of mechanical friction between moving parts. Build-up and deposits in your engine can increase this friction and rob power. Our engine treatment products improve lubrication, optimize your oil performance, and help remove any contamination to allow your engine to operate efficiently and develop maximum horsepower and torque.
  • Longevity: Whether your vehicle is brand-new or an older model that’s been around the block, you want to get as many miles out of it as possible. Choosing the best engine oil additive from Rislone allows you to return your engine’s internals to their best possible condition, which goes a long way toward extending its life and avoiding major problems and failure.


Obviously, not every engine or driving situation is the same, which is why we have created unique formulations for a variety of applications. We have engine treatment products designed for getting the most power out of high-performance vehicles, optimal fuel economy out of your daily driver and extending the life of classic cars that have been running for decades.


In just a few clicks, you can identify the best engine oil additive or treatment for your vehicle. We give you information on the intended use and expected results, along with technical data sheets. We are confident in our engineering and products, thanks to our years of testing and feedback from our customers, who often see an improvement in just one use.


Once you’ve identified the products you’d like for your vehicle, find a store near you using our online locator. If you’d like to buy online, you can find our full Rislone catalog on Amazon.


Proven. Innovative. Effective. These aren’t just slogans — they’re how we run our business and how we can offer you the best engine oil additives and engine treatments on the market.