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PTEN Innovation Award Winners: Rislone Fuel Treatment Products


Did you know that the health of your fuel injectors is one of the biggest factors related to your vehicle’s fuel economy and performance? Modern gasoline and diesel engine fuel injectors are high-precision components that carefully monitor and meter out your fuel. Even a small amount of debris in one of your injectors can cause problems with the drivability and fuel economy of your car.


Rislone has been formulating and manufacturing performance- and longevity-related automotive chemicals for nearly 100 years. In this time, we have learned to listen to our customers and constantly work to improve our products. In the case of our fuel injector cleaners and treatments, we have formulated our products to:


  • Clean: Over time, impurities in gas and diesel fuel can create deposits inside your engine, and especially in the small apertures of your fuel injectors. Our fuel treatment products remove this debris to treat blockages and obstructions. Our products also help chase out any water or other containments that may be present in your fuel and injectors.
  • Remove: We not only need to remove debris from your injectors, but we also need to get it out safely and reliably. Our scientifically advanced gas and diesel treatments (which include fuel injector cleaners) break dirt and debris down so that it can pass through the combustion process and safely be burnt off and expelled via the exhaust, without doing harm to your engine.
  • Protect: Once your car’s fuel injectors and fuel system are clean, you want them to stay that way. Our complete fuel system treatments help keep your entire fuel system clean, across a wide range of operating situations (commuting, racing, off-road driving) and weather conditions. We have formulated our technology specifically for gasoline or diesel engines so that we target the kind of injector problems inherent to your fuel type.
  • Win Awards: Both our gasoline and diesel fuel treatment products have won the PTEN (Professional Tool and Equipment News) Innovation Award. We weren’t first to the fuel game, but we took our time so we could be the best.


Modern vehicles are getting more power and increased fuel economy out of smaller engines. This power and economy is directly related to the amount of fuel getting into your engine. Choosing a Rislone gas or diesel fuel treatment product with fuel injector cleaner allows you to do quick and affordable maintenance of your fuel system. Most of our customers notice a difference almost immediately, saying that our formula works better than anything they’ve ever used.


Use our online locator to find a Rislone retailer near you. Our products are easy to use and will give you all the power, reliability and fuel economy your engine can deliver.