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The Rislone Experience

Long road trips, season after season. Cold weather, hot summers. City driving, highway driving. Your car gets tired too. Just like your body, your car’s systems can get gunked-up from years of neglect. You need a way to clean up those components to give your car a fighting chance at a long life and peak performance.

Rislone products are specially formulated to clean, condition and leave your car feeling brand new. Think of us as the multivitamins, energy drinks, or that healthy new diet you’ve been wanting to try. We keep your car in top shape so you don’t have to, well beyond regular maintenance and oil changes. Don’t you wish it worked on you?

Our extensive background in performance chemical additives — we’re talking over 90 years of experience — has given us the ability to provide you with the highest quality products out there. Anywhere. But we don’t just develop Rislone products, we bring the Rislone experience to life. From sponsoring extreme sporting events to creating unique how-to videos for our customers, we live and breathe the Rislone lifestyle. And it’s time we share that with you. Remember, your car is what it eats. Make it Rislone.

Rislone is a proud member of the Bar’s Products Incorporated group of brands.

Events & Media

  • Woodward Dream Cruise 2015

  • GoPro Mountain Games 2015

  • Houston Art Car Parade 2015

  • Bridge Day 2014

  • Golden Years

  • Souped Up

  • Forever Young

Bobby & Caitlin

Meet Bobby and Caitlin. These Michigan natives combine their extensive backgrounds of entertainment and vehicle know-how to bring the Rislone experience to life and to help you maintain your car’s health with the Rislone Regimen. Want to meet them? Check out our upcoming events to see when we’ll be in your hometown or check out any of our how-to videos, or Rislone Experience events.

The BBQ Team

The professional Rubbed, Smoked and Sauced BBQ team wears our name proudly. Their dedication to the ultimate slab of ribs, the best chicken and melt-in-your mouth brisket has made them a top-ranking team in Michigan and surrounding areas.

Like us, the RSS team strives to please their judges just like we strive to please our customers. Their passion for their craft and top-of-the-line performance fit right in with the Rislone way. Make sure to stop by their tent at their next event in your area.