Engine Mods That Actually Work

If you’re going to the trouble and expense of modding your car, you want your mods to actually deliver real-world gains. Adding significant performance to your vehicle can be a challenge (in terms of time and money), so it takes some careful research and planning. When all the work is done and you take your vehicle out to experience the performance improvements the first time, it’s all worth it, though.

We’ve put together this list of engine and vehicle mods that have been proven to work and make your car a lot more fun to drive. This is based on our own experience, and what our customers talk to us about on our tech lines and at annual auto shows like SEMA and the Woodward Dream Cruise in Royal Oak, MI.

Consider Total Performance

Before you start making modifications to your vehicle, consider your end goals. Do you want to accelerate faster? Handle better? Stop quicker and more surely? Once you know what your goals are, it’s easier to target the improvements and modifications that will get you there. Consider some of these proven engine and car mods that deliver the goods:

  • Power adder: this is the big daddy. While it costs big bucks and requires a professional install, power adders like superchargers and turbochargers are your best bang-for-buck when it comes to considerably upgrading your engine power. In general, power adders are also called forced induction, meaning they force more air into your engine to create more power. With more air comes more fuel, and that means more power overall. If you want max power, this is the quickest way to get there, period. Anh power adder will voids new car warranties unless explicitly sold by a dealer who will back the modification and install work.
  • A computer chip upgrade or ECU reflash: Your engine control unit (ECU) dictates spark timing, fuel/air mixture and other engine performance parameters. Many upgrades and reflashes exist to increase your performance. These reflashes, also called tunes, are equal parts art and science, so make sure you go to a reputable shop when it comes to modding your ECU software. This, of course, will also void any new car warranty.
  • Strut tower braces: Your handling will improve noticeably when you install a front strut tower brace. This stiffens your suspension and allows for harder turns with reduced body roll, flex and weight shifting during turns. Many high-end cars already come standard with a strut tower brace.
  • High-performance tires: Great bang-for-buck here. Better-performance tires not only affect handling, but they also improve your acceleration and braking due to increased grip. Lower sidewall racing tires flex less, giving you a firmer ride and less lean when driving hard through corners.
  • Cold-air intake (CAI): A CAI lowers the temperature of the air that feeds your engine in addition to allowing more airflow overall. The result is a more oxygen-dense air for greater power and engine responsiveness. An aftermarket CAI is relatively easy to install and can help you see decent gains easily. Be advised: some CAIs require an ECU tune (reflash) because of the higher airflow, so make sure you know if your intended CAI needs a tune or not. CAIs also often void new car warranties.

Before you start modding your vehicle for more performance, make sure it is running properly with one of our Rislone engine additives. This is what fuels our Rislone RS700 Mustang GT, which was built for over 700 HP at the flywheel and over 500 lb/ft of torque. This formula is the most advanced additive we’ve ever created, bar none. If speed is your thing, this is fully synthetic formula that’s a no-brainer.

We have a wide range of products designed to get your engine to optimal working condition, so browse our catalog and then locate a retailer near you. Our team is available online or by phone, so let us know how we can help you choose the right products to get your engine ready for those proven engine mods that tempt you the most. Believe us, we’ve been there before. (Performance mods are a deep rabbit hole – you’ve been warned!)