Why Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement Has a Cult Following: A Legend in a Bottle

Your body requires proper nutrition and responsible care for top-tier performance. Though it may not be as obvious, engines require many of the same things, especially as they age. What you put into your engine affects how well and how long it runs ⁠— especially in high demand, high stress and high-speed situations.

Whether you push your vehicle to its limits, rely on it at the job site, or depend on it for everyday performance, you need engine protection that can keep up. Regular oil is a vital factor in this equation, but it isn’t immune to extreme temperatures and degradation. Engine additives help enhance your engine’s performance by solving some of the common issues oil faces.

For reliable performance in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, turn to trusted products with a cult following among race teams, master mechanics and automotive enthusiasts: Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement. What makes Hy-per Lube products legendary? Take a look.

How Do Hy-per Lube Oil Supplements Work?

Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement helps stabilize your motor oil by improving its viscosity and preventing thermal breakdowns. We can all agree that sounds positive, but how does it actually work?

To understand how Hy-per Lube Oil Supplements improve your engine, it’s helpful to understand how motor oil works. When you put oil in your engine, it works to aid engine function in several capacities ⁠— including reducing friction between moving surfaces, preventing rust and helping transport contaminants and particles away from moving parts.

Extreme changes in temperature impair motor oil’s ability to perform those necessary tasks. Exposure to high heat or freezing cold changes oil’s friction level while it moves through the engine. This property — known as viscosity — is integral to how oil functions. When oil viscosity increases or decreases from its baseline levels, oil cannot provide the expected level of abrasive lubrication and protection.

The problem exposes a crucial gap in motor oil’s capabilities, which is where oil additives shine. Adding an oil supplement to your engine helps stabilize the oil so it can function well at extreme temperatures. Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement offers a solution to three key lubrication issues:

  • Thermal Breakdowns: High engine heat causes motor oil to oxidize and degrade. Your oil will age sooner than intended and your engine will begin to form sludge if the issue is not addressed. Using Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement helps prevent this process from ever happening.
  • Decreased Viscosity: Thermal breakdowns lead to decreased viscosity. As your oil becomes thinner, so does the layer of lubrication on your engine parts. Your engine will experience accelerated wear if it operates for long periods with improper lubrication. Hy-per Lube is formulated to keep oil’s viscosity at its most effective point, even during high heat.
  • Cold Starting: In the winter, cold temperatures increase oil’s viscosity and make the substance thicker than normal. When your engine is trying to push through thick oil, it has to work harder. This can lead to significant internal engine wear during the cold season. Hy-per Lube combats this issue by coating engine parts in a defensive film that won’t wear off while your engine is stationary.

Engine oil additives protect and enhance your oil at some of the most crucial moments. While the additives provide a valuable service to your motor oil, what about the big picture? What can oil additives do for your engine?

What Do Oil Additives Do to Your Engine?

When you consistently eat junk food, your body becomes more and more inefficient over time. The same is true for engines. When engines consistently try to function with junk oil — that is, degraded or ineffective oil — they become increasingly inefficient. One way to understand what oil additives do to your engine is to look at the things they do not do. In general, oil additives prevent destructive build-up and wear within your engine.

Examples of this build-up and wear include:

  • Sludge: When oil begins to degrade and moisture and contaminants build up, your engine may develop sludge. Sludge is a tar-like coating that constricts or blocks oil circulation throughout an engine. Over time, sludge build-up facilitates engine wear and friction damage.
  • Foam: The components in your engine move rapidly among a mix of air, gases and oil. With all this going on, sometimes air bubbles become incorporated into the oil and create foam. Foam puts a strain on the engine by interrupting viscosity and increasing wear. The foam also does not conduct heat like motor oil, which creates additional issues for cooling engine parts.
  • Repairs & Failures: Sludge and foam build-up prevent your oil from properly assisting your engine. Without oil’s assistance, an engine will experience more wear and destructive metal-to-metal contact. Over time, this can cause costly engine repairs or failures.

Oil supplements help mitigate changes in your engine oil that may lead to costly structural damages. Without an additive, your engine may be processing bad oil and suffering the consequences. With an additive, your oil — and your engine — will perform above and beyond what you expect.

What Is an Oil Stabilizer Anyway?

Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement acts as an engine oil stabilizer to allow your motor oil to function steadily and reliably. On a surface level, this means that Hy-per Lube circumvents issues due to temperature and oil viscosity. But what does this stabilization look like on a molecular level?

If you’ve ever tried to combine oil and water, you know these two substances don’t like to mix. Oil and water have different densities and molecular structures that do not align. To create oil stability, oil additives contain compounds with a molecular structure that is soluble in motor oil.

Each oil-soluble compound has a different stabilizing function that contributes to an oil additive’s effectiveness. Here are a few types of compounds and their functions:

  • Detergents: Detergent compounds help to reduce deposits and prevent corrosion in your engine. When deposits precursors like soot or sludge begin to form, they are oil insoluble. Though they don’t mix with the oil, they are attracted to the detergent molecules and trapped within them. This prevents the precursor materials from settling and forming deposits within the engine.
  • Dispersants: Dispersant compounds are similar to detergents, but they do not contain metal. This prevents them from forming ash during combustion. Dispersants can trap 10 times more deposit precursors than detergents. They help to prevent particles from binding together and making the oil thick.
  • Inhibitors: Inhibiting compounds help to prevent and minimize oxidation, corrosion, rust, friction and oil foam. Common compounds used for this purpose are zinc dithiophosphates (ZDDP). Though ZDDPs are effective inhibitors, they can cause increased emissions in the exhaust gas.
  • Antiwear Agents: The goal of lubrication is to create a barrier film between moving surfaces so they do not touch and wear on each other. When your engine is functioning at high capacity or your oil’s viscosity is low, the barrier may not be as thick and metal parts may make contact with one another. Antiwear agents help to create a film between parts to protect the metal from wearing.
  • Antioxidant & Anticorrosion Agents: One of the chemical processes that breaks down oil and causes sludge is oxidation. Chemical reactions within engines also create organic acids, which are highly corrosive. Inhibitors work as antioxidant and anticorrosion agents to stop the chemical reactions within the oxidation and corrosion process.
  • Antifoam Agents: A side effect of oil additives is that they may slow the release of gases churned into motor oil while the engine runs. The process can incorporate air into the oil and cause the substance to foam. Antifoam agents, such as silicon chemicals, separate from oil and rise to the surface of the mixture. They cling to air bubbles and cause them to pop, reducing the air needed to create foam.
  • Friction Modifiers: Friction modifiers work to reduce energy loss and maintain oil film on your engine. The compounds decrease oil’s viscosity to encourage a lubricant film that sticks but does not create additional friction.
  • Pour Point Depressants: These compounds help to lower the lowest temperature at which the oil will pour and flow. In the winter, these compounds work to adjust oil’s viscosity to workable thinness at temperatures colder than what standard oil can withstand.
  • Viscosity Modifiers: As we’ve discussed, oil viscosity is crucial to proper engine function. One way oil additives can increase the range of standard oil’s viscosity is with viscosity modifiers. Multigrade oils have a viscosity that is less sensitive to temperature. Multigrade oil viscosity modifier compounds help an engine function well over a wider range of temperatures, increasing its reliability and durability.

Oil supplements use strategic combinations of compounds to stabilize your engine oil on a molecular level. Though it can be fascinating to understand the inner workings of an oil supplement, at the end of the day you just want to know you’re using an engine oil additive that really works.

Benefits & Features of Hy-per Lube’s Oil Supplement

When you choose a Hy-per Lube Oil product, you’re putting your trust in a proven formula. Our products have a massive following in the racing and motorsports industry, and they are mechanic-trusted. They are even used in expensive industrial machines within the aerospace industry.

Here are some of the key features of Hy-per Lube’s performance:

  • Protection Between Oil Changes: Oil changes are preventative measures to rid your engine of degraded oil. Whether you change your own oil or have a mechanic take up the task, the mileage clock for the next oil change begins ticking as soon as you drive your vehicle. How your engine handles the period in between oil changes is crucial to its longevity. With Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement, you can trust that your oil will protect your engine until it’s time for a change.
  • Extends Drain Interval: Hy-per Lube not only protects your engine between oil changes, but it can also extend the number of miles you drive between changes. Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement extends your oil’s service life by up to 50% and allows it to function at its best. This means you can save money and change your oil over longer intervals up to 7,500 miles. It’s important to note that an extended drain interval is most appropriate under normal driving conditions. If you use your engine for trips less than four miles, have frequent idling, or drive an older vehicle, you may want to maintain a shorter drain interval.
  • Enhancements for High-Mileage Engines: It’s no secret that high-mileage engines require a little more care and attention to run well. Many high-mileage engines experience burn-off, which is when motor oil evaporates and leaves your engine exposed to increased wear. Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement helps to combat these symptoms and restore engine performance and fuel economy in a high mileage engine. Your high-mileage engine won’t last forever, but with Hy-per Lube it can regain some of its former glory.
  • Reduced Noise: There are several reasons your engine may make odd sounds, and one of them is an ill-oiled lifter and drivetrain. Hy-per Lube can help improve your engine’s ability to cushion and absorb mechanical shocks to reduce the amount of noise your engine makes.

Additional benefits of Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement include:

  • Our chemical formula is unmatched in the oil additive marketplace.
  • It creates a stronger oil film.
  • It’s compatible for use with all petroleum and synthetic oils.
  • It’s safe and effective for wet clutch use.
  • It can lower gearbox and drivetrain temperatures.

For the benefits of Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement with extreme pressure wear protection, try Hy-per Lube Zinc Replacement Additive.

What Makes Hy-per Lube so Good?

So what makes Hy-per Lube a cult favorite for casual drivers and professional racers alike? Maybe the fact that Hy-per Lube’s proven formula can offer some of these personal benefits:

  • Time Well-Spent: Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement gives you peace of mind that your oil will perform reliably across a spectrum of temperatures and conditions. With Hy-per Lube, you can spend time doing what you love instead of addressing frustrating engine issues.
  • Engine Protection: Sludge, foam and degraded oil can break down the hard-working components of your engine. Hy-per Lube Oil supplement provides the anti-wear, viscosity and stabilization additives you need to protect your engine long-term.
  • Convenience: Using Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement is easy and convenient. To use, simply add the product to your oil during or between an oil change. Tailor the amount of Hy-per Lube to the type of fuel and quart system in your vehicle to ensure maximum performance.

To put it simply, Hy-per Lube earns its legendary title because it works better than the competition. No matter your lubrication needs, Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement can provide the protection and longevity you need. Why spend money on other products when you could pick an oil supplement that vehicle owners love and trust? It may not be the biggest brand, but when you scour automotive forums, you’ll find Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement has an avid enthusiast following.

Improve Your Engine’s Performance With Proven Products

Hy-per Lube draws upon over 60 years of chemical innovation to deliver products that solve even the toughest lubrication problems. When you need a heavy-duty lubricant for your engine, turn to Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement for a reliable, affordable and effective option.

As a family-owned business, we take pride in putting our customers first. That’s why our products are stress-tested, formulated and made in the USA and sold across the country. Find a store that sells Hy-Per Lube products near you today and see the difference for yourself.