Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car

Before winter hits, it’s a good idea to take care of some winter service and maintenance items. Colder weather can be hard on your car and dealing with problems once winter hits can be a big hassle. Here at Rislone, we know a thing or two about car care and maintenance, so check out our top tips on how to look after your car in wintertime and get it ready for the coldest season.

Top Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running

While it’s important to take care of car maintenance all year long, before winter there are a few points that should be addressed specifically:

  • Check your coolant: This means topping up if your coolant level is low and testing your coolant to see if it offers the correct cold weather protection. You can buy a simple device at most parts stores or have a garage test it for you. If your coolant isn’t strong enough to resist freezing in winter, it should be drained, flushed and replaced.
  • Verify all other fluids: Make sure your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and washer fluid are all topped up. Winter driving puts extra demands on your car and low fluid levels can allow condensation to form in your vehicle’s various systems. Remember to keep your gas tank as full as possible during the winter months to avoid freezing and the risk of running out of gas and becoming stranded.
  • Check your tires: You need adequate tread if you will be driving on snow and ice. Cold weather makes all-season and summer tires stiffer, so consider installing winter tires if you live in a particularly cold region. Verify your air pressure, since tires that are properly inflated in summer may be slightly underinflated when the temperature drops.
  • Take care of leaks and performance issues: If you’re having any issues with your vehicle (leaks, stalling, hesitation, surging, etc.) consider treating them before the cold weather hits. It only takes a minute to add one of our Rislone products to your engine and fuel system to ensure you’re running well all winter long.

It’s easy to find a nearby location that sells our products: simply check our handy online store locator. You can also contact us for more information and to get help choosing the right product to ensure reliable winter driving this season. We’re always happy to chat.