Tech Tip: One easy step improves gas quality for summer road trips

Summer’s not here yet, but it will be soon. Get a head start by maximizing mileage and performance with a clean fuel system.

Summer road trips are a favorite pastime celebrated with your favorite music playlists, sweet-tooth-inspired snacks and the freedom of the open road. When planning your next adventure, take small steps now to keep maintenance issues at bay and maximize vehicle performance – like taking quick and easy measures to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your fuel system.

Rislone’s Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment (p/n 4700) provides a complete approach to controlling the purity and maximizing the efficiency of the gasoline used in a vehicle – it’s literally the most advanced fuel system treatment available today. Not only does one bottle improve the quality of gas by increasing its cleaning ability, it also adds lubrication, removes contaminants, reduces spark knock and helps to prevent the fuel from going bad. The gasoline blend available in the summer months tends to be more expensive than during the winter so treating the fuel to perform at its peak benefits both your overall ride and your wallet.

“The last thing anyone wants to do on a summer road trip is find a maintenance shop to fix an issue that could have been easily prevented prior to hitting the road,” says Clay Parks, Rislone vice president of development. “Recommending customers install a bottle of Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment will help increase their vehicle’s power, performance and mileage by cleaning out and lubricating the entire fuel system. The product’s easy DIY application, versatile fit for all gasoline blends and immediate positive impact on gas mileage make this our most popular fuel treatment worldwide.”

One bottle of Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment works with all unleaded, oxygenated and E10/E15/E85 ethanol-containing fuels. A 16.9-ounce bottle is concentrated to treat up to 22 gallons of gasoline and, for best results, should be added to the fuel tank every 5,000 miles or with every oil change.

It’s like having six additives in one bottle that you only use every 5,000 miles or so – what could be easier? If you have any questions about Rislone Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment and how it can help your car, don’t hesitate to contact us or drop us a message on Facebook. We’re happy to help!