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Rislone Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment

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The Most Complete Formula Available: Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment

Over time, poor or questionable gasoline can foul up your car’s fuel system. It’s important to keep this critical system clean so your car can work at peak efficiency and power. Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment is made to improve the quality of gas by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, reducing spark knock, and helping to prevent the fuel from going bad. It’s far more than your average fuel injector cleaner — it’s one of the most awarded and popular fuel system treatments on the market. It’s even won a PTEN (Professional Tool & Equipment News) Innovation Award – a difficult task for a fuel treatment product.

One dual-cavity bottle contains the same amount of additives equal to a bottle of regular fuel injector cleaner, upper cylinder lubricant, fuel stabilizer, gas dryer, gas treatment and octane booster. In other words, this is one powerful bottle. This formula increases power, performance, mileage and saves you gas by cleaning and lubricating the complete fuel system. It also happens to be our most popular fuel treatment worldwide.

What it's for:
  • Fuel
What it does:
  • Lubricates
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Stops Smoking
  • Performance
  • Stops Noise
  • Cleans
  • Complete Fuel System Cleaner
  • Octane Booster & Gas Treatment
  • Valve & Combustion Chamber Cleaner
  • The Best Gas Additive Money Can Buy
  • What does Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment do?

    Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment improves the quality of gas by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, reducing spark knock, and helping to prevent the fuel from going bad. Simply put, it is the best all in one gasoline fuel additive money can buy.

  • How does Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment work?

    This one dual cavity bottle contains the same amount of additives equal to a bottle of regular fuel injector cleaner, upper cylinder lubricant, fuel stabilizer, dry gas, gas treatment and octane booster.

  • How can this reduce a noisy fuel system?

    The UCL (Upper Cylinder Lubricant) additive lubricates the fuel pump, injectors and upper cylinder to reduce friction & wear, reducing noise.

  • How much will my fuel mileage improve?

    This varies depending on the age of the vehicle, the quality of the fuel used, and how dirty the system is. It is normal for larger increases in MPG on the first dosage and then it will usually taper off and flatten out from the second dosage on. For best results use every 5,000 miles or with every oil change.

  • Will this work with all types of gasoline?

    Yes, Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment works with all unleaded, oxygenated, and E10 E15 E85 ethanol containing fuels.

  • Will this harm the oxygen sensors or plug the catalytic converter?

    No, this will not harm your engine or any emissions components including catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, or the EGR valve.

  • How much do I use?

    P/N 4700 / 16.9 ounce bottle – Pour entire bottle into gas tank. One bottle is concentrated to treat up to 22 gallons of gasoline. For larger vehicles use one bottle per 20 gallons of fuel capacity.

  • How much will this help with my octane issue?

    Provides an average reduction of Octane Requirement Increase ORI by 2 numbers.

  • What does EZ Nozzletm Spout mean?

    The EZ Nozzle is the name for the patent pending spout attached to the bottle. This allows the product to be safely and easily poured into all gas tanks, including capless (no gas cap) systems. Because it is designed like a regular fuel nozzle you would see at your gas station, it allows the product to work in all vehicles.

  • What is a capless fuel system?

    Capless fuel systems go under a few names like Ford’s Easy Fuel System, but basically it is a vehicle with no regular gas cap. Capless systems are on many vehicles including Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Cadillac and more. The reason the car companies are moving to this system is to prevent fuel evaporation and emissions issues if the gas cap is left loose, not installed or is lost. Only Rislone fuel additives will work with all capless, obstructed and regular fuel systems in cars and light trucks.

  • Can I use in my intercooled, turbo charged or direct injected engine?

    Yes, this is safe to use and works in all domestic and import turbo charged and directed injected gasoline (GDI) engines like the Ford EcoBoost, GM Ecotec and all others.

  • Can I use in E-85 ethanol in my flex-fuel vehicle?

    Yes, Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment works with the E-85 and will lubricate the fuel system reducing the negative effects that ethanol has on the system.

  • Does it work with both fuel injected and carbureted engines?

    Yes, this multi-vehicle formula works with all fuel injected, direct injected and carbureted engines.

Why Is Rislone the Best Gasoline Additive?

One of the key factors to getting the most performance and economy out of your gasoline engine is to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your fuel system. Dirty, contaminated fuel can keep your engine from developing its maximum power. Water that gets into your gasoline can also can combustion problems that won’t go away on their own. The only way to return the full power and drivability of your engine is to use our most advanced gasoline fuel system treatment.

For nearly 100 years, our chemical engineers have been perfecting our automotive solutions through innovation and iteration. This has allowed us to create some of the best gasoline additives on the market. Our Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment gives several benefits:

  • It cleans: Our product is formulated with powerful cleaners that remove any dirt and contamination that had entered your fuel system. This includes your fuel tank, lines and injectors. Once removed from your system, these contaminants are broken down and pass through the combustion process to leave your fuel system clean with no deposits or build-up.
  • It improves: Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment improves the quality of gas by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, reducing spark knock, and helping to prevent the fuel from going bad. Simply put, it is the best all in one gasoline fuel additive money can buy.
  • It protects: We’ve taken care to engineer our gasoline engine additive to not only clean your fuel system and allow for improved performance and efficiency, but also help keep it clean. You’ll be protecting your fuel system for the long-haul and working to increase the longevity and dependability of your engine. Start now with your new car, as well as your older vehicles.

We’re convinced that we have the best gasoline additive on the market, thanks to the positive feedback we have from our customers around the world. Find out just how fast, affordable and effective our gasoline fuel system treatment products are by

locating a local retailer using our online locator


And installation could not be simpler. All you have to do is watch Bobby and Caitlin in our how-to video to see how quick and easy it is to use. Give your fuel system the treatment it deserves. Give it Rislone.

Part Number: 4700
Dosage: Use One Bottle Every 5,000 Miles
Size: 16.9 fl oz. (500 mL)

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  • “Just wanted to say thanks. You see, I read a Facebook post back in November or so where someone mentioned the mileage improvement that could be obtained through the use of your Rislone fuel injector cleaner. I didn’t think much of it, in fact I kind of thought there is no way a little bottle of magic potion can make much of a difference, especially since my Jeep is relatively new.

    A little background: I have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. It just turned 10,000 miles so still pretty much new. Of course within a few weeks of purchasing it I had added about 300 pounds and a lot of roll resistance with larger tires, bumpers etc. I started tracking my mileage and it was dismal (all data points were during winter, December to early April):

    12.36 mpg, 11.76 mpg, 12.32 mpg, 12.87 mpg, 12.8 mpg

    I pretty much do all city driving but this was ridiculous. So I decided to try your product. The results were good enough that I felt compelled to write this email. First tank 13.38 mpg, I’m thinking not bad but is it worth it? Then:

    13.94 mpg, 13.85 mpg, 14.02 mpg 15.14 mpg (drove a little on the expressway)

    Other than the last data point it was all city driving. So basically I’m converted, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using this stuff. Thanks for putting out a product that lives up to the hype.”

    Gary C. - Livonia, MI
  • “Hi all, I own a 2001 Subaru Outback station wagon. It has 190,000 miles and I wanted something to add to my fuel tank to give it more "Zip" while driving to work.

    I saw your gas treatment additive at Wal-mart so I thought I'd give it a try. I added it to a full tank of gas and after a short time I noticed my car seemed to accelerate quicker and run smoother. I later saw your Engine Treatment Concentrate and thought I'd try it as well. I was so happy with the added pick up, smoothness while accelerating during mountain driving and the overall ease of driving with your products. I am looking forward to seeing a change in my fuel economy. I'm sure it will be noticeable. I've had numerous chances to tell friends and co-workers about your products. I plan on using them on a regular basis for my vehicles overall care. Thanks for a great product that really works.”

    R. Lemley - Gardnerville, NV
  • “Believe me when I say I think a lot of fuel additives don't do much. This stuff is different, and I felt the difference right away, and I noticed my 2013 V6 Camaro has better performance in the summer heat than usual. This is a product that actually works in a sea of products that don't. Thanks!”

    B. Wesphal - Atlanta, GA
  • “I noticed an MPG drop when the "winter" gas started hitting the pumps. A salesman at AutoZone suggested I try Rislone Fuel Treatment, and it really helped with startup, noise and acceleration with my 2012 Audi A4 (turbo). Good stuff. I use roughly every oil change.”

    T. Hahn - San Diego, CA
  • “I tried the complete gasoline treatment in my Mercury Grand Marquis and noticed a smoother running engine. It really works.”

    S. Peters - Chicago, IL
  • “I applied the product after leaving my car running (Chrysler 300 Touring) for 20 minutes. Then I test drove it & it ran smooth. Test drove it for a 2nd run, & it ran smooth. Truly an unbelievable product and hands down it's the problem solver.”

    Jay - Erie, Michigan
  • “I don't know what this product has inside but it works. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with 114,000 miles that was idling terrible, shaking and hardly staying alive. Then decided to put some kind of injector cleaner and went to Walmart and the first product that hit my view was the Rislone, what the heck, let me give a try, that was two days ago, today is Sunday and the idling is by far much better and smoother and with somewhat better power. I hope it stays this way. Where I live the gas is poor quality whatever brand, so I was thinking of trying also the Rislone oil treatment. So is a good product that I have seeing for many years around...congratulations...”

    J. Rodriguez - Puerto Rico
  • “My son's car is a 1999 Honda CRV with over 255,000 miles on it. The car sat for about a year before he got his driver's license and when we got it running again the engine was running pretty rough. I went to the local part store and told them the situation and they recommended a gas additive to help clean up the fuel system. I looked over the selection and saw that one came with a funnel to help add it to the tank. The product was Rislone Gasoline Treatment and I held it up asking the store clerk if this would work. "That's the best one" he told me, so I bought it and went outside to put it into the old Honda. I read the instructions, used the funnel it came with and poured it into the tank.

    Our house is about 7 miles away and I could tell that by the time we were half way home the car was running smoother. He drove it to school all week, and on Saturday morning I took it to get coffee and was really surprised how well it was running! I will definitely add this stuff to that car (and my car) again. Thanks Rislone!”

    Jim S. - Foxboro, MA
  • “Awesome!”

    Arthur E. - Poplar Bluff, MO
  • “I have recently put it in our Honda Accord. It, at times, was reduced to the engine bucking at 2400 RPMs just on hills. The use of dry-gas treatments had only a little to no improvement.

    One bottle of your product cleaned it up in a few hours.

    Now I have used it in my '07 Chevy Silverado, which refused to start on a 30 degree morning. With an approximate 10 or 11 gallons of gas in the tank I added a full bottle. After dozen attempts at starting it worked. Thanks !!!”

    George M. - Chester, WV