How Is Diesel Fuel Injection Different?

Diesel engines are often chosen for their excellent low-end power (high torque output) and long-term durability. One of the major differences between diesel and gasoline engines is how the fuel is delivered. Diesel fuel is injected through high-pressure rails directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder. This is called direct injection and is monitored very closely to ensure the precise ratio of diesel fuel and air is injected for optimal combustion and maximum power.

While diesel engines have been around for a long time, engineers are constantly working to improve the fuel delivery technology of diesel engines. Why? The obvious reasons, actually – the results are more power, greater durability and cleaner emissions. Here are some of the major improvements that have been made to diesel engines and diesel fuel injection:

  • Increased pressure: An increase in the pressure at which diesel fuel is injected into the engine helps mix the fuel and air, creating a more homogenous mixture for complete combustion. Less fuel is wasted and your diesel engine can develop more power.
  • Biodiesel: Including a percentage of plant matter in diesel helps increase fuel economy. You use less diesel and the plant matter is consumed in the combustion process. A lot of work has gone into filters and exhaust tuning to deal with biodiesel impurities and residues.
  • Fuel additives: To keep diesel fuel more stable at extreme temperatures (to prevent diesel fuel gelling in cold climates, for example), chemical engineers have developed additives to make diesel fuel more stable and resilient to external factors. Additives also help keep high-pressure diesel injectors clean, since even a small amount of dirt and debris can block them.

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