What Are Some Benefits of a Fuel Injector System?

If you’re old enough (and the author is dating himself here!), you probably remember a time before fuel injectors, when all the cars on the road had carburetors. If this is the case, you may not need to be told what fuel injector benefits are. People who started driving in the fuel injector era may not realize how good they have it. They get in their cars, turn the key, and it starts right up. All the time, every time.

That ain’t how it used to be.

That starting-right-up is something many people may take for granted, but not those who ever owned carburetor-based cars and who remember pumping the gas pedal to add fuel while they turned the ignition, hoping it would start up before they accidentally flooded the engine with gasoline, especially on  cold days. For those lucky uninitiated, here’s a little more about fuel injectors and fuel injector benefits for your engine.

Carburetors vs. Fuel Injectors

A carburetor is not a precision machine in the way a fuel injector is. Fuel injectors are designed to deliver exactly the right amount of fuel to your engine to get it running at optimal parameters. Carburetors just dumped an approximate amount of fuel in and made sure to over-estimate so it would be enough. This was incredibly wasteful of fuel, which was fine when fuel was cheap and emissions were not a concern, but would be a problem today.

Today’s fuel injector systems use ECUs (onboard electronic control units…aka computers) to deliver the precise amount of gasoline to the cylinders, saving a tremendous amount of gas over time.

Maximizing Fuel Injector Benefits

To get the full benefits from your fuel injector system, however, they need to be working correctly. With today’s gasolines, it’s very easy for fuel injectors to become dirty and clogged, resulting in an overall decline in engine performance. A great solution is the Rislone Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment. This fuel additive provides the benefits of multiple other products (eight to be exact) while getting your fuel injectors clean and keeping them clean to help your entire fuel system to run smoothly.

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